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Monday, April 11, 2011

Zymtech World - Tak Kan Mat Rempit Aje Yang Nak Scam Orang Kut?

Basic Premises: 
By this time, I guess some of my readers are getting sick of the same old story that I had written about the MO of any MLM/SP. Basically, it's the same yarn over and over again. The gist of it:
  1. You have a mastermind (and his cohorts) that loves to earn big money while pissing into other people's mouth... and some of these people somehow love that. Bloody 'ell crap man!
  2. You have a product that is out-of-this-world, that can surely cure 37 and a half different diseases, but no sane competent doctor is using it in the hospitals on a regular basis.
  3. Or, you have other products that is non-medical but still have out-of-this-world benefits. 
  4. The products come with a technology so advanced, no mat rempit will understand the dang explanation of the dang research thang... and no qualified doctor either, for that matter. And that is freaking good.
  5. The products will cost you an arm and a leg and one of your testicle (or breast).
  6. The products are sold by word-of-mouth (i.e. direct-selling) and not by retail channel, 'less the supermarket will close down because of the "kehebatan" of the said-product.
  7. The products have endorsements from famous people like Ronald McDonald, Peter North or even... Aidid Mu'addib (who is actually Peter North in Ronnie disguise).
  8. The products will never be put to statistical/clinical tests, and we can never be sure of their effectiveness for certain. The promotions of the products come only with testimonies from people like... you got it baby - Peter North. 
  9. The business uses an MLM system, which promises a certain loss (kerugian) of a certain percentage of resellers, before the business had even started. Ain't that a beauty bebeh? It's mind-boggling why some people still do not know about this fact about any MLM outfit.
  10. The company promises anyone can be a millionaire in 365 days... thereabouts. But in actual fact, only about 1 (or less) in 10,000 (or more) people will be anywhere close to being a millionaire, and it came about with the money from the donation of those 10,000 people, and not from sales of the said products alone. But, they promise like every single one will be a definite millionaire, bar none.
  11. The MLM systems being used are littered with promises of unending riches, bonus this, bonus that, fund this, fund that, early retirement... but only 1 (or less) in 10,000 people will gets it - that is, if he's lucky and the CEO is not too greedy like cipan during mating season.
  12. The business will grow and then go caput tergolek-dog within a few years (or a few months like... you know, PNR, Petroll2all, etc.). In the end, the CEO (merangkap) dajjal and all his disciples laugh all the way to the bank, while the lowly resellers at level 5 or lower will start to wonder, what the fuck actually happened.

Pop Quiz:
(Understand the question properly please) - Do Mat Rempit(s) that didn't finish secondary school and grew up doing pyramid-schemes and MLMs, has similarities with these fine outstanding famous/educated people below?
Figure it out yourself as you go along reading this entry.

The Technology:


OK... start listing out all the 102 vegetables and fruits that you know of. Come on bebeh! Write them all down on a piece of paper. The Mormons from Utah, USA, already exported exFuze, which has 7 super-fruits, MonaVie with 19 super-fruits including acaiberry, and the highly advanced nanofak technology Asia Herbal Biotech Cordy Juize has 20 uber-fruits plus the fungus Cordyceps sinensis... but not to miss out on the MLM gravy train, here come Zymtech (fresh from Malaysia baby yeah!), and with an astronaut at its helm - producing a juice like no other. Kalah orang Mormon straight-up man! A hundred and two... I repeat, ONE HUNDRED AND TWO types of vegetables and fruits in one bottle. This could be done because the molecules of all those 102 vege and fruits are shrunken by the most advance nanotechnology thing-a-ma-jig hey hey! 

The molecules are smaller? More than one hundred different vege and fruits? No shit? Sayur datang dari mana tu bang? Korang kena hiris sebijik-sebijik ke, atau masuk aje terus blender seketul-seketul? Kebun sayur apek mana yang bekalkan sayur berpuluh jenis ni? Sayur segar ke tak, atau sayur beli kat Tesco? Buah-buahan tu pulak - kebun jambu, betik, manggis apek mana pulak yang supply? Buah segar tak? Biar betik? Banyak tanya la ko neh... percaya aje la bulat-bulat cakap badut Zymtech tu. Tak kesah la kalau cakap dia orang macam kap-lam-ya-nga sekali pun. Ini business orang bumiputra ni bang.

No shit, I kid you not man! This is the quality of the promotion of Zymtech. And some Meleis will probably get snagged - hook, line and sinker, I won't be surprised. Amma! Kok iye pun nak kasi promosi gah tahap gaban... aiyoyo amma!

The Product:

Product No.1
All those juice of 100 and above (can't make up their minds huh?) types fruits, veges and herbs with bacteria embedded some more yenadey... are produced by a long fermentation process, and smaller and nano molecules are extracted, and the enzymes... kok cakep belit-belit gitu? Apo udeh pandei pandei goblok gitu ya wak? Kena ada nano-molecules baru ensure total 100% absorption into our cells kejadahnya neh? Dah tu, nasi yang aku makan selama hari ni yang bukan nano-molecule tak masuk sel 100% la kiranya eh? Dah tu, selama beribu tahun manusia makan segala ada jenis makanan yang ada dalam dunia ni - kira tak diserap 100% la erk? I wonder who's the joker of a "scientist" that vomited out this crap and shit into this world? Pehal la semua MLM yang wujud tu nak promosi guna modal nano-technology tak sudah-sudah? Adakah sebab mat rempit yang join benda ni tak kan faham apekebenda nano-tech tu eh? Cakap aje, molekul jus tu dipecahkan jadi kecik-kecik menggunakan kaedah nano-technology... sure boleh makan punya. I mean makan kelentong, bukan makan masuk perut. Namanya pun mat rempit. Uik! Sekarang ni pulak, kan dah ada doktor perubatan, merangkap bekas astronaut sebagai chairman syarikat - takde nampak perubahan pun promosi kejadah macam ni? Dear Dr. Sheikh Muzaffar... tarak check ka dey apa "scientist taik kucen" syarikat ni buat? Ambik aje duit free tu erk? Tak cukup duit sebab abis belanja kawin ke apa? Ko tak sayang reputation ke mamat wei?

Product No. 2
At one side, they (Zymtech) say this Coenzyme Q10 thingy is the answer for some of life's scourge, i.e. heart disease and batang nak naik (topik peberet orang Melayu yang buat MLM), but since I'm just a rubber tapper, I can't really talk back about the issue... 'less they say "FITNAH, FITNAH, FITNAH"... kejadah wadefak? Anyway, I'll let some research center to answer the question, "is it true or not?":

Product No. 3
I also found this: LiveSkin Series Enzyme Glacial Mud Bar diperbuat dari glacial mud untuk rawatan kulit yang bermasalah. Kandungan utama ialah Silica, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Cobalt, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Aluminium, Phosphorous dan Sodium yang diproses menggunakan tenaga solar dan campuran buah-buahan. The Glacial Mud Bar mengandungi mineral dan tanah liat lembut didunia. Didapati di Copper River Delta di Alaska. Glacial mud sangat kaya dengan Enzyme. Ia kaya dengan gabungan istimewa CoEnzymeQ10...

Ada campuran buah-buahan dan ada CoEnzymeQ10 dalam sabun? Ini sapa badutnya neh? Wadehaishakulepukkokarang? Seriously? Sapa yang beli menatang ni percaya benda kat atas, memang sah sama dungu-piang macam orang yang jualnya jugak. Lantak ko la dol...

Hmmm... Testimoni, apa nak dikenang?

1. Livezyme has pain-killer property, and works in 5-10 minutes, better than diclofenac.
2. Livezyme cures kidney failure, and the guy has no need of hemodialysis anymore.
3. Livezyme product also cure asthma and the guy has no need of bypass, wah... hallelujah! 

Aku rasa Doc Azwan sure dah nak mengelupur dah neh baca testimoni-testimoni macam yang kat atas tu... hahaha! Ada lagi Azwan... ko pegi google aje "zymtech". Berlambak lagik testimoni-testimoni kualiti tahap cipan, setaraf dengan level promosi gelang AC Mangkok-Hayon, sure boleh jumpa punya. Badut betul sesekor dia orang ni. Nama aje nak buat bzns makanan kesihatan yang berbau medikal, tapi still using useless testimonies as advertisement... what the hell boy? Apa susah sungguh ke buat clinical studies? Ambik produk Livezyme Ginseng, kasi kat 5000 orang selama 6 bulan - ha tengok apa jadi. Jangan la cakap buah manggis ada anti-oxydant, dan dalam dalam produk Zymtech ada buah manggis - jadi Livezyme Ginseng ada anti-oxydant. Just by association huh? Itu namanya SCAM kalau korang masih kompius lagik. 

Itu chairman baru Zymtech tu kan medical doctor? Dah jadi ortho. surgeon belum mamat ni? Ah... the fuck do I care? Anyway, Zymtech sekarang kan dah ada chairman encem bekas astronaut sebagai muka depan promosi bzns - dia tak kasi input ka dey? Dia tak cakap ke "testimoni" tu modal SCAMMERS nak buat MLM dan skim piramid, dan bukan cara medical doctors buat kerja. Medical people wants clinical evidence via double-blind studies, at least... before saying anything good about whatever product or associate himself in promoting it. Hey... I may be wrong - but anyone here can tell me where those double-blind studies were done and were there report in any peer-reviewed journals anywhere in the world. Come on... Zymtech people, don't be shy. Kalau pakai testimoni... mat rempit peragut handbag pun boleh blend juice 103 jenis buah dan sayur dan kasi testimoni syok sendiri bahawa, lepas minum jus yang dia blend tu, barang dia naik macam Peter North... apa bezanya dol? Bezanya - dia ada blend 103 jenis buah, produk Zymtech ada 102 aje. 

What the hell man? Who are you all kidding anyway Zymtech people? And, who am I kidding too? We all here know these are just the exact same kind of smokescreens like in all those MLM products promotions by now anyway. Aren't we all now?

Meh kita main tenis gitu. Sapa advantage...

RM250 sekotak Livezyme Ginseng 30 satchet - 1 satchet RM8.33 sekali telan? Kej...?
RM250 sekotak Livezyme Cocoa 12 satchet - RM20.83 sekali telan? Kejad...?
RM250 for a sabun? If I use the sabun, can climax or not? Kejadahnya woi?

Advantage: Zymtech.

Setiap 250 hengget daripada sapa-sapa yang join Zymtech, RM50 pegi naik kat direct sponsor... excellente! Korang ni yang join apa-apa MLM tak sayang duit ke dol? Believe me, biar la aku kaya mana sekali pun... aku tak kan kasi duit free RM50 atas angin pada sapa-sapa yang nak memperkudakan aku. No way. Kalau aku sedekah RM50 kat rumah anak yatim 1000 kali lebih afdhal. Dan inilah jugak antara perkara yang paling kelalar pasal industri MLM. Korang sedar tak, prinsip paling asas perniagaan tu apa? Jual sepaling murah (yang boleh mendatang untung), jual sebanyak mungkin (kepada sepaling ramai pengguna yang tertarik dengan harga murah tu), dan elakkan pembaziran dalam perniagaan (takde mala'un nak disogok, disuap atau diberi duit free). Itu prinsip paling basic tu dik oi! Join aje Zymtech terus rugi RM50. Terus rugi 20% daripada modal pertama wadehel? Ini saranan pakar ekonomi daripada universiti badut ke apa ni dol?

Advantage: Mat rempit pengamal MLM. Zymtech berkecuali.

Oh, ada lagik sedekah duit free? Bonus pasangan pulak dah. Kalau ada 3 downline complete, dapat RM170. Maknanya, daripada RM200 (selepas tolak RM50 kat atas tadi), kena sedekah duit atas angin RM56.67 (purata) pada upline lagik. Dah tinggal RM143.33 sen. 

Eh, kalau tak cukup 3 downline? Wait, wait, bukan ke pasangan maksudnya DUA? Kalau tiga tu, itu dah kira threesome tu. Kalau threesome tu, agaknya best tak? Aku tak pernah threesome. Hmmm.... threesome beb? Nak kena pelangkong dengan aku punya bi.... never mind. Anyway, kalau takde 3 downline tu, camane bang? Tak dapat bonus pasangan la yek? Tapi duit downline tu pegi ke mana? He'eleeh... buat-buat tak tahu pulak ko ni dol. Pegi mana lagik? Eh, aku ke yang dol tu? Dol pun dol laaa... Janji aku tak pernah join mana-mana MLM dan sedekah duit free kat parasite ntah sapa-sapa.

Advantage: Zymtech.

Tak puas hati lagik dengan bonus threesome, nak tambah lagik bonus sampai level-level ke bawah jugak bang? Level 1 yang ini tak sama dengan level 1 yang atas tadi ke? Ini dah kira redundant compensation system ni. Mana datang duit ni sebenarnya? Daripada RM250 jugak dik. RM250 kali sejuta orang kalau boleh. Haiya! Bila korang nak untung jual produk ni? Asyik bonus, bonus, bonus aje tak berkesudahan. Kejadahnya korang business macam neh? Maleh la aku nak kira berapa percent pulak sedekah atas angin - cuba korang congak sendiri, 10% daripada 39 orang (downline 3 level kat bawah) kali RM250 - kaya duit riba' bagai nak rak seh! Atau, 10% kali 13 threesome kali RM250. Mana satu neh? Kalau nak tahu, kena la join Zymtech. Me? In your dreams.

Advantage: Zymtech.

Caveat: Bonus ini akan berlaku kepada ahli yang layak sahaja. Maknanya? Ziiiinnng!

Advantage Zymtech.

Ada sebahagian daripada setiap RM250 tu masuk fund benda kat atas ni - yang mana sapa yang paling lintah-darat yang paling cekap buat closing dengan sepaling ramai prospek, yang akhirnya jadi downline yang akan buat benda yang sama jugak, tetapi dalam pasaran yang lebih besar dari satu level ke satu level ke bawah. Maknanya? Ini yang aku cakap tadi pasal pembaziran dalam sesuatu bzns system. Beribu orang kongsi tong-tong sedekah sorang sikit untuk tabung laptop, handphone dan melancung... tetapi yang dapat mungkin 1 dalam 100. That is a waste of  resellers' money straight-up. Of course, the whole gist of the modus operandi of any MLM is to waste someone's money (into the pockets of those on top)... sine qua non. Yang paling best kalu... takde ahli yang layak untuk dapat insentif tu. Hey hey... duit free lagik kat CEO.

Advantage: Zymtech.

Car fund? Ko nak join Zymtech sebab nak jadi businessman ke, atau sebab nak dapat hadiah kereta ke, atau sebab ko nak sedekah duit kepada sorang mala'un yang cekap buat closing, untuk dapat kereta tu? Seriously... you got brain or not boy? Tapi, kalau takde pemenang cepu emas kereta (sebab tak cukup Meleis dungu-piang join MLM yang ini)? Hahaha!

Advantage: Zymtech.

Look at the above chart closely. THIS IS THE CLINCHER. This is the bread and butter of an MLM system. They even put the pyramid-system progression numbers up there without shame or reservation. I guess they know it well enough, some Malay people are soooooo easy. Even if you put a gun in front of their faces, these kind of Malays would probably still be smiling, like Mat Jenin thinking of getting "durian runtuh". You can get commission up to level 9 man! 4 million people no less. Uik! No, no, no... 40 million man! HAHAHA! And so, what if I join Zymtech, by the persuasion of my cousin and since I love my cousin like my own brother, and I just wouldn't have the heart to let him down - I got into this business already at level 9. How many gajillion, bajillion,  brazilian people would it need to get me a car, or to make me a millionaire? Seriously? What does the chart means then? Meaning it's theoretical profit? Got theoretical mathematics and statistics this way meh? 

Apa Dato' Mohammad Najib whoever-the-heck-he-is cakap tu? "Untuk memberi peluang sama rata kepada semua golongan masyarakat" - sama rata kejadahnya? Kalau dah ada 9 level, apa yang sama ratanya? Itu kalau 9 level, kalau 27? Kalau 6 billion orang join zymtech? HAHAHAHA... I just pissed in my pants... not. Setiap level tu semua ada manusia yang kebanyakannya species Meleis trangtangtang - apek Cina mana ada minat nak kasi duit free-free pada korang der... jangan nak mimpi la dey. What a cliche? Ada isu sama rata ke dalam bzns MLM? M-U-L-T-I-L-E-V-E-L ejaannya tu ha! Ini graduate economics universiti Mickey Mouse kat Colombo jugak ka?

Apa maksudnya carta kat atas sebenarnya? Sapa yang dah pro dan dah khatam blog aku sure dah faham dah ni? Pada adik-adik kindergarten yang masih blur... meh abang kasi tahu. Sistem bzns Zymtech adalah satu kaedah bagaimana caranya untuk memindahkan dana daripada setengah juta orang kepada dalam 20 hingga 30 orang kat puncak piramid. Modus operandi: Jual menatang produk from outer space dengan harga RM250 a pop, dan katakan ianya ada teknologi nanofak daripada Alpha Centauri (yang takde makna langsung pada saintis), dan janjikan keuntungan yang bukan-bukan dan tak masuk akal (tak masuk akal bagi aku, tapi masuk akal pada mat rempit) - yang mana akhirnya setengah juta orang ni jilat tangan kosong, dan mereka kat puncak piramid mengikik ketawa macam setan yang horny, jilat ntahapekejadah... BWAHAHAHAHA HIK HIK!

Advantage: Top of the pyramid.

Seriously? Do I care to comment anymore? Kej........?

OK... aku dah ambik beberapa flyers promosi Zymtech kat atas dan aku try explain seringkas mungkin, supaya sapa-sapa yang nak join MLM yang ini - kiranya aku nak kasi "heads-up" gitu. It is the way I see this thing. And although there are many more aspects of the said compensation plan that I didn't touch, I guess I better stop, 'less I become a broken vinyl record. It's the same 'ol thing. The same thing that Amway, MonaVie, USANA, whatever, are doing in their own respective MLM businesses. This had been discussed countless times here before. Dan pada sapa-sapa yang tak puas hati tentang komentar aku pasal bzns Zymtech ni atau ada hasrat nak tuduh aku fitnah ke, apa ke - screw you.

Anyway, dalam research aku pasal Zymtech, aku terjumpa sorang mala'un (nampak gayanya Islam la kut) yang siap ada artikel ni kat blog promosinya. Actually, aku pernah terjumpa artikel ni kat blog promosi HPA, tapi mamat ni perasan Zymtech pun ada jugak ustaz-ustaz dan bekas mufti sebagai penasihat syariah agaknya... you know, pengamal MLM memang kuat sungguh perasan macam cipan.

Oleh: Ust. Ahmad Adnan Fadzil

Larangan-larangan Syarak dalam perniagaan

Setiap urusan perniagaan yang hendak diiktiraf oleh Islam juga hendaklah bebas dari sebarang unsur yang dilarang atau diharamkan oleh Syarak. Menurut Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradhawi, larangan-larangan Syarak dalam urusan perniagaan berkisar atas beberapa sebab iaitu;

a) Membantu kepada perbuatan maksiat
b) Terdapat unsur-unsur gharar atau penipuan
c) Terdapat unsur-unsur eksploitasi atau pemerasan
d) Terdapat penganiayaan terhadap salah satu pihak yang beraqad. 
(Al-Haram wa al-Haram Fi al-Islam, Dr. Yusof al-Qardhawi. Hlm. 242)

Lebih terperinci, antara unsur yang dilarang oleh Syarak dalam urusan perniagaan ialah;

(1) Menjalankan perniagaan yang diharamkan atau mendatangkan mudarat. Jika ada syarikat MLM yang menjual barangan/produk yang diharamkan oleh Syarak atau mendatangkan mudarat kepada manusia, maka tidak harus syarikat tersebut disertai oleh orang Islam sama ada sebagai pembeli, pengedar, penaja atau sebagainya.

(2) Al-Gharar; iaitu menjalankan urus-niaga dalam kesamaran iaitu tanpa dipastikan dengan tepat barangan/produk yang terlibat dan harganya sama ada oleh penjual atau pembeli. Para fuqaha’ sepakat menyatakan bahawa jual-beli secara gharar adalah batal atau tidak sah kerana sabit di dalam hadis; “Rasulullah s.a.w. menegah daripada jualan secara gharar” (Riwayat Imam Ahmad dan Muslim dari Abu Hurairah r.a.).

Komentar: Kalau dah terjoin kat level 9, tak gharar ke bang?

(3) Melakukan penipuan dalam urusan urus niaga. Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w.; “Sesiapa yang menipu maka ia bukan daripada golonganku” (Riwayat Imam Muslim dari Abu Hurairah r.a.). Antara contoh penipuan ialah;
( a) Membuat iklan barangan dengan memaparkan keistimewaan-keistimewaan atau ciri-ciri yang sebenarnya tidak ada pada barangan tersebut melainkan untuk menarik perhatian orang supaya membelinya semata-mata. Penipuan sebegini dinamakan at-Taghrir iaitu memperdaya.

Komentar: 102 jenis buah, sayur dan herba, dan boleh menyembuh penyakit yang doktor pakar sampai sekarang tak boleh sembuhkan... bukan kelentongan ke? 

(b) Menipu pembeli dengan menjual barang yang murah dengan harga yang terlalu tinggi dengan mengeksploit kejahilan pembeli terhadap nilai sebenar barang/produk di pasaran. Contohnya; menjual barang yang bernilai RM20 dengan harga RM100 tanpa diketahui oleh pembeli nilai sebenarnya.

Komentar: Buat aje harga barang tu RM16.75, jual RM250. Prove me if I'm wrong.

(c) Menyembunyikan kecacatan barangan atau produk. Contohnya; menyembunyikan kerosakan enjin kereta yang akan dijual dan sebagainya.
(d) Mengurangi timbangan

(4) Antara yang dilarang juga di dalam perniagaan ialah melakukan penganiayaan, memeras pengguna dan merosakkan kepentingan masyarakat; antaranya dengan melakukan ihtikar (monopoli barangan; yakni menyorok barangan untuk menaikkan harganya) dan menjadi orang tengah yang memeras pengguna. Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w.; “Tidak melakukan ihtikar melainkan orang yang berdosa” (Riwayat Imam Ahmad, Muslim, Abu Daud, an-Nasaie dan Ibnu Majah dari Mu’ammar Ibn Abdillah r.a.)

Komentar: Kalau dah harga satu barang RM250 dan >RM200 pergi untuk pembayaran bonus, dan fund begitu-begini, bukan memeras pengguna ke dol? Kalau dah sorang kena hasut dengan janji manis untuk join Zymtech, tahu-tahu dia terjoin kat level 9, bukan penganiayaan ke mamat? Haiisshh!

Larangan-larangan di atas jika berlaku dalam urusan perniagaan akan menyebabkan perniagaan tidak sah atau sekurang-kurangnya mendatangkan dosa kepada pelakunya walaupun perniagaan masih dianggap sah.

Prinsip-prinsip di atas bersangkutan dengan perniagaan secara umum termasuklah perniagaan secara MLM. Di sana ada perkara-perkara khusus yang berkait dengan MLM yang perlukan perhuraian atau garis panduan iaitu mengenai yuran keahlian, bonus dan harga barangan/produk. 

The irony: Inilah contohnya, "udah terang lagi nak kena pakai spotlight pulak dah". Buat mamat pengamal MLM Zymtech yang ini, dia post artikel ini, bukan untuk kasi tahu yang Zymtech tu ada ciri yang diterangkan tu - rupanya hanya sebagai "window-dressing" untuk kasi orang lain (yang kuat agama la kiranya tu) terhasut sama untuk join bzns ni sebagai downline si mala'un yang letak artikel ni kat blog promosi dia. Now, what do you really call that kind of orang Islam? I leave that to your imagination... oh no, I won't leave it to you, 'cos I wanna jump in and call the guy - MAMAT ZYMTECH SENGAP-BINGAI PUTER-ALAM.

Berkaliber dan mantap taik kucen... what a disgrace.

Medical Ethics According To Aidid Mu'addib 

Aku ada ramai kawan yang karier mereka adalah doktor perubatan, jadi aku banyak diskus dengan dia orang tentang apakah "medical ethics" itu. You know, just the curious me. Aku sebagai seorang pemotong gotah kengkadang sayu memikirkan kenapa otak aku takleh bawak macam dia orang tu semua. Sampai sekarang aku anggap seorang doktor itu adalah sejenis species manusia yang asing daripada orang lain... you know, there's more to it than what I am able to understand. They themselves are able to understand complex knowledge, and able to remember things more than other people, and are able to apply it first-hand in real life, in order to save lives, or to make lives better for other people. No small feat I can tell ya. Rata-rata, semua doktor akan cakap, prinsip utama seorang doktor adalah: DO NO HARM. Tapi, daripada perbincangan aku bertahun-tahun tentang isu ini, ada banyak lagi isu yang selalu orang tak faham. Meh kita start daripada bawah, daripada mula lagik... daripada kecik-kecik gitu.

Pertama sekali, Allah dah bagi otak seseorang doktor perubatan itu beberapa tingkat daripada manusia lain. Itu anugerah yang diberikan kepadanya daripada mula dia lahir ke dunia ni lagi. Jadi, adakah kebolehan untuk memahami ilmu kompleks dan kebolehan untuk belajar sampai setinggi langit itu adalah anugerah Allah kepada yang empunya diri, atau anugerah kepada masyarakat? Adakah kebolehan ilmu itu digunakan kepada kehendak peribadi atau kehendak masyarakat sejagat, apabila seseorang itu telah layak dan berkebolehan menjadi seorang doktor perubatan. Ada seorang kawan tu cakap... "kalau Allah dah halakan hidup aku ke sini dan menjadikan aku seorang doktor, maka anugerah ini bukan untuk aku mengayakan diri aku dengan rumah besar dan kereta mewah, tetapi untuk aku berkhidmat bersungguh-sungguh kepada manusia sejagat, come hell or high water. Kalau aku kaya, itu kira saguhati yang aku tak minat sangat pun. Kalau Allah bagi aku kebolehan sebegini, dan aku gunakannya untuk mengumpul harta dan nama dan boleh pulak aku dapat bini cun dalam 2 atau 3 orang serentak (threesome/foursome maa!), baik Allah pilih orang lain untuk menanggung tugas berat ni. What's the point of it then?".

Tapi, bak kata kawan aku sorang lagik, "Kita tengok sekeliling, berapa ramai GPs, surgeons, physicians yang bertungkus-lumus bertahun-tahun dalam bidang perubatan, buat Masters dan PhD dan sub-specialty... tapi akhirnya, rupanya tujuan dia sebenarnya nak jadi kaya-raya, dan apabila dia dah kaya-raya, dia tinggalkan karier doktor perubatan tu untuk enjoy sakan. Sedangkan, disebabkan expertise yang dia ada, dia sepatutnya mencurahkan apa yang dipelajari dan dipraktis untuk kebaikan manusia di dunia ini, sampai ke akhir hayat. We see that sometimes... tapi, don't get me wrong (kata kawan aku tu) - these kind of doctors are a real small minority. Yang banyak lagi, they are a virtual slave to other people. Woke up at 3.30am to do an emergency surgery. Stay up all night in the hospital, in the ICU, and didn't go home to see their own kids for more 36 hours at a stretch sometimes, and many many more sacrifices.... and these doctors sometimes did not whine one little bit. Sometimes no one seems to know what they are actually doing day in day out, and that is fine with them."

Sebagai seorang doktor perubatan, dia tertakluk kepada ilmu sains dan matematik dan "EVIDENCE". Kalau takde bukti sesuatu perkara itu berkesan kepada sesuatu penyakit atau seseorang pesakit, dia wajib meninggalkannya. WAJIB. Perubatan moden bukan satu ilmu yang ada spekulasi dan ada proses "agak-agak gitu la ye". That kind of things do not exist. Kalau ada satu ubat/rawatan, kena fahami apakah "active agent" atau "procedure" itu, apa kesannya pada manusia, berapa lama ianya akan berkesan, berapakah peratusan manusia agen itu berkesan dalam penggunaannya, apakah kesan sampingan yang pernah dialami oleh pesakit sebelum itu dan berapa kos menatang agen/prosedur itu... dan setiap ciri-ciri tentang sesuatu agen itu perlu dihafal dan diingat sampai bila-bila, sampai mati atau sampai seorang doktor itu jadi nyanyuk main taik, sebelum kojol. Biar apa sekali pun, benda yang nak diingat itu ada beribu atau berjuta perkara... kalau tak ingat jugak, bukak buku cepat-cepat. Ilmu perubatan moden adalah berkenaan "evidence-based medicine" - if no evidence, but still you wanna do it, better change profession and be a Mickey Mouse doctor, get a glorious PhD and Emeritus Professor title from Sri Lanka... and start killing people deliberately... left and right.

Panjang cite nye ni, sebab perbincangan aku dengan kengkawan doktor-doktor memang panjang dan ada pelbagai permutasi. Kiranya doktor yang dah kaya tu, ambik kesempatan la ek? Idak jugak. Most deservedly earned their riches and names and the glamour, because they sacrificed a great deal before-hand. Ada sapa-sapa sini nak cakap bahawa Che Det telah mempergunakan title dia sebagai doktor dan mempergunakan kesempatan tersebut untuk naik ke puncak kepimpinan Malaysia? I will definitely disagree. Che Det berjuang bermatian sebagai seorang doktor masa dia muda - tanya orang Aloq Setaq. Klinik MAHA it was/is called.

Anyway, buat masa ini, mesej aku adalah: Adakah seorang doktor perubatan itu mematuhi etika perubatan (yang tak bertulis dan bergantung kepada pendirian masing-masing doktor), jika dia mempergunakan status, kebolehan dan ilmu yang dia ada untuk meraih seciput harta dunia yang pasti akan lesap jugak, bila seorang doktor tu disumbat ke liang lahad? After all, he is also a human being that will surely die anyway. We'll continue about this topic some other time... ok beb? I'm really hungry, it's 4.30pm, and I haven't had lunch. C ya...


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5th? nk jd cam budak2 pulok ekeke

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haahaha.. akhirnya aku dapat top ten.. wan, ko ngantuk ker aper tue.. hahahaha...

baru nak baca.. hehehe

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Saya tempat antara 1 hingga 10.

Saudara Aidid, terima kaseh kerana setelah beberapa kurun saya menunggu, akhirnya saudara mengeluarkan enteri terbaru ini.

Secara imbasan, hasil tulisan saudara kali ini seperti biasa mantap dan tidak menghampakan. Teruskan perjuangan saudara.

Saya akan membaca enteri terbaru ini bermula dari..sekarang.

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I'll give my comments soon.

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satu lagi pembongkaran dari aidi leaks.....teruskn niat suci mu

I wong (依之汉) said...


I do respect doctor but it just the hospital service in Malaysia is worse especially the government one rather thatn the private.

I don't know. Maybe it just me who wait for like, 4 hours just to check my wound for my bicycle accident...

azwan said...

Aiya Wong, your comment aaa...I can reply with 5,000,000 mil words. There is a pro and cons looo. Anyway, patient has the right to choose. We serve. Its in our oath.

Interesting entry..hmm..since mormonism.

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top 20 pun jd la..hehe..u rock aidid

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did...yg ni memang best...ada orang femes jadi duta tu..semua duit punya pasal

hyelbaine said...

"Apa yang lebih menggembirakan lagi, saya tidak perlu membuat rawatan dianalysis di hospital"

Reading that testicalmonial I don't know whether to laugh first or what. So many Datuks and a Doctor at the helm and you can't even get basic sentence correct. Start BM, masukkan English tak betul kat tengah and then back to BM.

And oh, is this the wonder that will make kidney failures a thing of the past? That means no more need for dialysis centers to cater for the 4000+ new kidney patients every single year!?

A former cop and a doctor. This has got to be the most grandiose MLM yet.

Angka-SAWAN should be ashamed of himself. Pathetic, a fornicating wanking pathetic c***. Don't forget where you came from, I know the time you spent in a clinic in USJ-Taipan.

eznetcom said...

Jadi duta la duit banyak sikit... ikat kontrak. tak kira la duta hape pun, bukan dia nak hambik tahu pun.

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huwah. takyah buat bypass tu..
saspek la jenama nih..

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Tobat aku tak nak layan MLM ni, tp susah gak nak ajak bini yg da 'Melebur' duit tu...
OK solat time

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skang ni smua gna ayat yg sama je klau nk promo produk. teknologi nano. water filter pn pkai yg tu. glang tangan pn pkai yg tu. smpaikan ke sarung stoken pon nk pkai ayat tu jgak. mcm xdak modal laen la plak.

muhammad luqman said...

1st time aku nk komen kat blog ko bro..nice work..i like..aku mmg anti mlm2 ni..hehe..kipit ap bro!

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salam bro...1st aku ucapkan tahniah sbb ko telah dedahkan kebodohan org melayu kita yg begitu senang diperbodohkan oleh org yang memang dah bodoh...tolong bongkar M.L.M Desquera yg diterajui oleh Idris Said...ramai org Melayu yg terduduk sbb diaorg guna trick loan TEKUN...

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malam tadi ada member aku telah promote aku utk dptkan duit rm30k dlm masa 6 bulan!! hahaha...dia ajak join Uptrend...aku malas nak layan sbb aku tgk dia sendiri pun muka asyik serabut je sbb poket kering...sedang tunggu pairing katanya...hahahahahaha...ada jugak member aku yg bodoh tahap cipan..

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this post is cool ! caya la..;)

Max_Underwood said...

Baine, what the fuck was syed muzaffar doing in the clinic at usj taipan? Is it a fertility clinic? Lil bro wont get up in the morning is it? Oooohh pleaseee dooo tell.... Love a gosssss.......

Sicher said...

Adohyai...UPM tu, malu malu

The addendum is a nice touch! Doctors who never sell out usually the true saviours. Saving lives while receiving little in return.


Fitrix said...

Space tourist pun nk ikut sama buat MLM?Meleis ARE DOOMED

Seriously,igt dh byk duit bukak klinik,x pyh nk MLM2 ni.Greed knows no boundaries

Lpas ni selebriti mana yg nk buat MLM?Kalau Che Det buat MLM all hope is lost.Better we all jump into the drain then if that happens

Fitrix said...

My bad.Rupanya dia ni jadi tukang basuh otk je.Tapi title EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN.Klass punya title,tukang basuh otk MLM lain mcm Khai dan Salima xde pun dpt title mcm tu.

Cant believe hes willing to tarnish his reputation by involving in MLM as a brainwasher.Money sure talks eh?

hyelbaine said...

@ Max,

He used to work in a clinic kat USJ back when before he become angka-sawan. The owner of the clinic is someone I know very well.

If it is true that indeed he is an active member of this scam, then he has indeed changed but that wouldn't be a surprise, money changes people.

azwan said... of the most clear cut MLM-PS ever. Dari product hinggalah ke system, hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki, memang dah terang2 lagi bersuluh, tak payah guna spotlight pun takpe, clear cut, vivid nak mampos, budak darjah 6 boleh nampak, fail math punleh paham, terencat akal pun boleh pikir, bapak kerepot yg rabun pun leh nampak, cakap guna bontot pun leh nampak, takpayah nak togel2, sah2 telanjang bulat, tak payah selak bulu,babi pun leh pick up, SAH SAH MEMANG LAPAN JUTA PERCENT MLM PYRAMID SCHEME.

Ni yang buat aku tak sabar, kalaulah ade mamat2, minah2 yang terrrr sanggup defend benda alah ni. Eiii, kalaulah sanggup defend macam si MsAwin, Well, konfem suntut sarang tebuan. Termasuklah En. Azian Abu Bakar yg bagi seronok sgt tak payah buat bypass dah macam time bomb, dan boleh rasa sendiri denyutan jantungnya guna bulu idung.

Sheikh Muzaffar junior aku beberapa tahun. Aku pun tak sure sgt, dia tu betol2 ortho surgeon ke tak. Macam2 gosip la gamaknye, macam2 ceciter. Dia business partner Chef Ismail, bukak restoran Rebung kat Bangsar. aku slalu gak makan kat situ. So dia adela business mindset sket, not really typical technical people. Mase buat MsOrtho kat UKM pun dah masuk modeling, hensem la kot? Kalau kat HUKM takde sapenye nak jakun tgk dia, takdela poyo2 nak amik gambar. Dia kalau berjalan kat corridor HUKM tu, org pandang atas jek, buat dek je kat dia. Budak2 sekolah jek suke tgk mamat sawan ni main belon kat space. Aku byk lagi citer pasal dia, tapi cukupla untuk bagitau korang yg dia memang enjoy benda2 yg leh commercial diri dia, personality nye memang gitu. So bila dia involve dalam MLM ni, aku taklah terkejut tercirit sgt.

Product memang sah2 sampah. Aku tunggu masa jek troll nak defend. bullet sumer dah ready. CoEnzyme Q ke, CoEnzyme Z ke, takde clinical trial, toksah perasanla dah mengubat diabetic, etc. Cakap utk general well-being sudaaa. Register kat BPFK pun konfem bukan category poison. Asal selamat sudaaa, efficacy lain citer.

Nak tau doktor berpegang pada ape..dari first year kena paham Hippocratic Oath:
I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:
I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.
I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures [that] are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.
I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug.
I will not be ashamed to say "I know not," nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient's recovery.
I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given to me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God.
I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability. My responsibility includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.
I will prevent disease whenever I can, for prevention is preferable to cure.
I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.
If I do not violate this oath, may I enjoy life and art, respected while I live and remembered with affection thereafter. May I always act so as to preserve the finest traditions of my calling and may I long experience the joy of healing those who seek my help.

So, I guess better to wait for the troll to reveal more issues about this shit. Aidid, great effort.

uculer said...

it is sad to see that instead of doctors taking hippocratic oath, some pledged to be hypocrites.

i said some.

vw: aniacent (innocent? i prefer ignorant and greedy)

Rose said...

I'm racking my brains and reading stuffs up coz I want to be sure. But am I right in saying that if you consume enzymes (like the livezyme ginseng product), won't your body just break the enzymes which are protein by the way, into smaller peptides and amino acids? Sama je cam kalau kita makan bahan protein yg lain. So, how can we get the benefits if we ingest them? (Correct me if I’m wrong)

And I was trying to find out about the 'patented' Multiple Microorganism Symbiosis Fermentation Technology- cari gak, by d way kat web of science, x de pun... Tapi nak gak tahu caranya coz it sounds really interesting.. I know kalau nak buat gut flora (lebih krg cam yakult, vitagen) or cheese ada lah lebih kurang camtu buat symbiosis fermentation, but not in a 'health' product.
Curiouser and curiouser…

p/s sgt sedih role model –role model orang2 melayu tak boleh diharap..

Aidid Mu'addib said...

I'm sorry if you feel that way...
I kept telling people, I am no role model for anyone...
Siyes! Talak tipu punya beb...

azwan said...

Thats why we administer protein through intravenous/parenteral. Protein based drugs are not made in the form of tablet or capsule, because once it reaches the stomach, the acid will degrade and destroy most of peptides, in turn will affect the drug absorption and bioavailability. The States and the European scientists are trying to administer protein based drugs transdermally, but still it is not as effective as parenteral.

If you managed to find the fermentation system, please do let me know. Thanks.

Rose said...

Hehehe..@AM...u r a role model, whether u like it or not, my fren..

Thanks! Tu la tengah nak paham camne the company nak promote produk2 yg enzyme base, sebab enzyme2 dah la senang nak degrade, suhu tinggi sikit dah xde activity. Tgh still cari d fermentation system, tapi tak la bertungkus lumus, coz I have too much on my plate rite now!

WV insav (hmmm...very deep...)

Anonymous said...

Hello hello Rose & azwan speak English please. Susah otak wa nak compute term2 sentipik ni. Yang aku leh tangkap tang Multiple micro-orgasm tu jer.

I kid. Carry on.

cek chun said...


Kopi-Pasta said...

Most transparent system ever!!! Pencapaian gempak2, tapi...(lost for words). Do you even realize your responsibility to the society? If not then, I could say that you're just another "sampah masyarakat".

nurul said...

So,buah khuldi n baketria lactobasillus sp. agak2nye ade tak dlm produk livezyme nih?
maybe time uncle mus pegi outerspace die jumpe a group of martians promote baek punye product ni utk dimlmkn kot.
who knows.saya budak baru belajar ni pun x terpikir pon wujudnye more than hundred types of vege n fruits extracts in 1 product.
sure lps ni supply vege n fruits kt supermarket all over mesia decrease.

hyelbaine said...

Reading Rose and Azwan's comments, I gained new information. Itu pun ada ingat the latter is a spam.

@ Aidid, you're no role model, you're the anti-hero just like batman :P

@ Laila, you is ohsem as always ;)

Linda the Octoberist said...

saye senang je. kalau dtg org tu kt saye. pastu tunjuk plak flyer/pamphlet yg ade gamba ade satu bulat kt atas pastu bwh dia byk cabang2... kompem2 sye tolak. x kisah ler dia ckp plan diaorg laen x sama mcm company laen. asalkan gamba bercabang... trus cantas!

Neotoxin said...

lol... 102??? ni kalau bahan-bahanya kat label produk, mau penuh separuh kertas A4.. hahhahhah

Anonymous said...

whatever wrote in here..the 'big fish' will never bother..

all trolls yang bising2 selama ni cuma budak baru berkepak saja..

so sad when realizing that they still continue with their scam and denying the facts..

the last thing they will say, "aku dah buat solat istikharah untuk join..semua yang against aku..biarlah Tuhan saja yang balas.."


Moose said...

Buat apa lah nak spend beratus ratus ringgit for co-enzyme Q10....Just pergi kat hypermarket Giant dan beli Minyak Carotino 1kg..RM9.00. Bukan hanya khasiat Co-enzyme Q10 yg hang dapat. Tetapi termasuk juga khasiat beta carotene, Vit E tcoctrienol......Yang paling utama bagi kita, gunakan barangan tempatan

khaliddanial said...

All thumbs up....superb writing!

P/s: I've been transferd to your teritorry. Rabb is great! One step behind you bro.

It Just Me..... said...

smlm baca tak abeh agi....ari ni baru komen...
tu dia..102 tu, jgn memain, nanti misti kuar satu produk yg ada 105 or extra...stended la kan, makin lama makin banyak kelebihan dlm barangan, kununnya all the kebaikan sebab lagi banyak khasiat masuk...lagi banyak sampah masuk ada la, tapi aku pun tertanya2 mcm aidid, all the 102 sayur tu die wat caner? cincang? blend yg fresh or biar dia fermented then amik the co-enzyme, iskkk...CO-ENZYME? mcam sabun bio-zip aje...ahaks...soalan last aku
kite punye astro-NOT tu hensem ke? maybe bukan taste aku a dr he supposed to know better than all of us.kita semua ni sapa je la kan....angkat kon trafik je, motong gotah aje...tak gitu baine/aidid? hehe :P

hasmn said...

iman wan dulu part of SYN - DCHL punye team.. memang pro laa bab2 level, pairing, bonus etc sbb dah berguru dgn SYN. ntah ape kene mengena develop artis pergi jadi CEO pon tak tau laa..

memang sakit hati betul dengan produk-produk "magik" mcm ni.. target mesti kat mak-bapak kita yang malas/takut nak pergi hospital.. sapa yang susah bila penyakit makin teruk? doktor sebenar jugak yang teruk..

memang setuju dgn AM tentang doktor ni sebagai lain tahap dari manusia lain. especially on their dedication towards the staff. mmg respek habis kat doktor hospital kerajaan.. dah laa 2 malam tak balik rumah, boleh lagi layan pesakit ngan penuh sabar..
my respect to bro azwan and all the doctors out there..

MV: ments - mentals?

hasmn said...

aiseh.. dedication towards staff plak.. i mean patients.. kacau laa my staff ni said...

just tertarik kat 1 part tu je: MELANCONG DALAM NEGERI!


Anonymous said...

wait a minute..i hope everyone can read this..especially from UTM..

i read from here,

coz my dad takes this CoQ10 supplement..tapi bukan drpd zymtech ni lah..beliau beli di farmasi..

but in this zymtech..ada satu phrase, "Bagaimanapun, kini terdapat suatu bentuk CoQ10 yang 'larut air' (hydrosoluble) diperbuat dengan menggunakan teknologi 'BIOSOLV' yang telah dipatenkan. Proses ini dapat mengecilkan saiz zarah daripada 25-70 mikron menjadi hanya 0.3 mikron - iaitu lebih kecil daripada seekor bakteria! Kebiasaannya, lagi kecil saiz sebutir zarah maka lagi baik penyerapannya. Apa yang tidak diserapi ke dalam aliran darah tidak dapat digunakan oleh badan."

BIOSOLV is the key word..

Anonymous said...

then i search about Biosolv..

BIO-SOLV™ is a heavy duty cleaner - a biodegradable water based degreaser (oil dispersant). It disperse and remove all types of oil, grease, wax, and stains, leaving the treated surface cleansed and back to original condition without any short or long term effects..

so is it a joke that a 'cleaner' can be used to reignites ubat ubatan untuk kita makan..? did i miss something..?

anyone..does zymtech has the right to use this Biosolv..?

Anonymous said...

sorry..terpaksa potong2..i cant paste long comments in one shot..

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Some infos about CoQ10:

CoQ10 is a crystalline powder that is insoluble in water. Absorption follows the same process as that of lipids and the uptake mechanism appears to be similar to that of vitamin E, another lipid-soluble nutrient.This process in the human body involves the secretion of pancreatic enzymes and bile into the small intestines that facilitate emulsification and micelle formation that is required for the absorption of lipophilic substances.

Coenzyme Q10 concentrations in foods and dietary intake:
Besides endogenous synthesis, CoQ10 is also supplied to the organism by various foods. Meat and fish are the richest source of dietary CoQ10 and levels over 50 mg/kg can be found in beef, pork and chicken heart, and chicken liver. Dairy products are much poorer sources of CoQ10 compared to animal tissues. Vegetable oils are also quite rich in CoQ10. Within vegetables, parsley, and perilla are the richest CoQ10 sources, but significant differences in their CoQ10 levels can be found in the literature. Broccoli, grape, and cauliflower are modest sources of CoQ10. Most fruit and berries represent a poor to very poor source of CoQ10, with the exception of avocado, with a relatively high CoQ10 content.

In the developed world, the estimated daily intake of CoQ10 has been determined at 3–6 mg per day, derived primarily from meat.

Effect of heat and processing
Cooking by frying reduces CoQ10 content by 14–32%.


Anonymous said... dad takes seriously with all ubat ubatan that he takes..then when comes to CoQ10, he sure that from his readings and understandings..the product is ok for him..

actually..part of me believe that is not because that CoQ10..but because he stopped smoking 2 3 years ago that makes him healthier..hehe..

anyway..zymtech memang kaki kencing la kot..i hope someone can clarify in here regarding that Biosolv..Zymtech CoQ10 yang partikelnya lebih halus..yeeeehaaa!!!!

Anonymous said...


Thou shalt not worry. For, behold,the day cometh, that shall burn their asses and they shall receive their comeuppance. The wicked must payeth for what they hath doneth unto others.


Abgcengkih said...

Tahniah Bro Aidid, terus berusaha lagi. (Fuh, macam chekgu punya remark)

Saya nak tanya Aidid, setelah mengupas dan memperjelaskan masahelah dan masalah berkaitan MLM ni adakah MLM bersatatus syubahah secara syarie? Sedangkan dah jelas dan terbukti asbab haramnya.

Saya harap akan ada posting selingan mendatang menyentuh penyakit kewangan anak melayu seperti boros,hutang dan judi (somehow terkait dengan isu MLM).

Anonymous said...


hehehe..quite a worry actually coz while semua orang tau MLM is a complete scam tapi dengan kehadiran beberapa personnel yang sudah ada nama..dah jadik benda tu macam "perempuan simpanan dalam kalangan lelaki berkahwin di thailand" lak..menipu produk dan sistem menjadi satu kebiasaan..

dah la jadik kebiasaan..takde tindakan pulak tu..

ainShahajar said...

uhukk enzyme dalam sabun.. nak sgt enzyme asli.. p sapu betik kat badan
dah agak dah.. dato shekh ni ade yg tak kena

simn said...

ekekee setuju dgn si azwan..aku yg kje kt hukm ni pun tau byk ceciter psl si doktor Sheikh Muzaffar

Ly said...

it is sad when a reputable person like syeikh muszaphar pun endorse this kind of thing.. seriously? kot yea pun giler duit, tak yah la memalukan reputasi sendiri... aku tak halal duit potongan cukai aku yg telah menaja ko ke angkasa dulu...

and anyways, byk dah klinik area wangsa maju dan melawati ni yg aku nampak duk jual gelang, monavie, what the hell?? takkan doctor yg dah beruban pun bodoh gak? patutnye the older the wiser, and dier yg patutnye didik masyarakat pasal mende2 nie. *sigh*

Rozy said...

baik snacking kunyah carrot/cucumber, makan buah2 segar, apa jenis buah pun mengandungi pelbagai khasiat untuk kesihatan. kalau dah tak cukup sangat, telan je multivitamin, habis cerita. tak payah nak jadik kuli MLM bagai. Duit lebih boleh simpan.

Azrul said...

Salam Sifu AM,

Nk tanye sket sal CoQ10 nie sbb ader member tunjuk catalog ader produk tulis mende nie.

Check link nie:

Ni pn tipu gak ke..

hehe.. lg satu, nk tau pe gune CoQ10 pd bdn kite. ke xder gune.

xamik mende pn pn sihat gak..
Bro sifu Azwan, appreciate your advise.

WV lossess (Looser.. huh. utk MLMer)

Materials Corrosion said...

siut la mamat astronaut nie, haram jadah, dah la pi bulan pakai duit rakyat, buat belanja sekolah kebangsaan lagi bagus, ni aku tengok sekolah kat mesia nie daif sungguh...

azwan said...

W'salam Azrul,

Memadai kalau ko tau yg CoQ10 ni penting untuk 2 tujuan utama, 1) Menghasilkan tenaga 2)sebagai antioksidan.

Ni prinsip pentingnye antioksidan. Antioksidan ni fungsinye utk merencat proses oxidation molekul lain. Sebab kalau proses ni berlaku, ia akan bebaskan free radicals. free radicals ni yang bahye, leh rosakkan dan bunuh sel-sel badan.

kita perlukan CoQ10 dalam badan kita, dalam 3-4 gram kalau tak silap setiap hari. CoQ10 leh kurang kalau kita terlalu terdedah pada UV light, proses penuaan dan sebab pengambilan dadah antikolesterol yang tertentu.

Isunye kat sini pasal Zymtech, specifically pasal product CoQ10 dorang nih:
1) Perlu ke ambil supplement CoQ10, seolah-olah takleh dapat CoQ10 dalam diet harian?
2) Betol ke absorption leh increase dengan jadikan produk tu nanoparticle?
3) Betol ke dengan ambil CoQ10 nih sebagai supplement, ko leh tambah tenaga batin ko, ejaculate macam Encik Peter North?

1)Bagi orang sihat, muda2, leh makan macam biasa, tak payah pun takpe. Ko leh makan byk2 diet yg byk CoQ10 tu. Bagi orang mcm pesakit kanser, lemah jantung, darah tinggi, ada data dari phase III clinical trial. Quite convincing data so far.
2)Nano size particle ni sangatla kecik, a millionth of one centimeter. From my reading it does not improve the rate of absorption if you give orally. If parenteral or intravenous, there is a high possibility. So berbalik pada persoalannye, jadi betollah claim Zymtech ni? jawapan aku, tak sampai tahap clinically proven lagi. kalau clinically proven, dorang akan buat CoQ10 dalam bentuk injection, tak payah makan2 mcm Zymtech. So Zymtech nampak peluang, dia nak buat gak dalam bentuk makanan. Absorption rate? No it does not show 100% absorption.
Skang dalam industry biotech memang tgh hot sgt2 pasal nano technology ni. Basis nye, kalau ko leh kecikkan drug tu kepada size nano, ko leh buat ubat size kecik, senang nak makan, lebih specific pada cell yg kena target, lebih senang nak detect, dan lebih berkesan pada pesakit. Nano tech worth billions.
3) CoQ10 ni byk dalam mitokondria, untuk tingkat tenaga. so key word nye ialah tingkat tenaga. takdela spesifik tenaga batin. So Zymtech ni manipulate kegunaan CoQ10, positionkan CoQ10 sebagai alat seks. Bahalol tahap cipan.

Azrul said...

Sifu Azwan. Thankz bro..

Da tau CoQ10 nie mende, senang skit nk paham pe AM tulis.. hehe.

Kesimpulan.. MLM nie da xder modal nk kelentong org. gune la pekataan sentipik supaya org cam aku nie rs cam best je bile dgr.. pedehal xder per² pong.


Terus'n bg kesedaran n info pd reader² kat sini bro..

kr555zal said...

aku nk ubat yg bl aku mkn akn buatkn tulang aku jdi kuat mcm wolverine,blh x?...

klu MLMers blh ckp bnda yg merepek,aku sbg customer pn nk bnda yg merepek jgk le...

bygkn Peter North dgn adamantium c***

cek chun said...

Aku baru nak hadam ayat sentipik, terus gone bila baca ayat last pasai North. Dem

Rose said...

I think the Biosolv that u found in the net is a company's name. Yg Zymtech guna is the same name, rasanya singkatan from the word biosolvent - basically solvents derive from biological origins.

Kalau nak baca psl biosolvent :
This technology is used in paint, printing, cleaning industries. But x tahu la camne Zymtech use this technology to produce their product. Maybe nama je camtu, but technology dia lain.

Azwan dah gave a good info about co-enzymeQ10 n I agree with his remark that some people might have the benefits of taking this supplement (this is not an enzyme/protein by d way), coz mmg byk papers on d benefits of CQ10. But healthy people x perlu, coz boleh dapat cukup dari makanan. Anyway, baik beli je from pharmacy, murah je compared to MLM products.

I still x paham how they can kecikkan CQ10 coz kalau dah make it small into nano particles, sure dah jadi lain, not CQ10 anymore. Kalau increase the bioavailability ok la gak by making it more water soluble (and ada few ways to make them more bioavailable kalau tgk wiki, tapi takde pun cam Zymotech buat). Maybe a rep from this company can explain.

p/s- the chemist in me selalu geleng kepala bila orang claim vitamins contohnya L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) from natural is better than synthetic vitamin C. Hello? If it's pure compound (L-ascorbic acid),  it does not matter where it comes from coz mmg struktur, property etc sume sama..

WV bionce (donno y, terus tringat kat Laila)

nazraku said...

dunia akhir zaman... "manipulasi minda" new world order... the arrival...

azwan said...


Diorang nak increase absorption of CoQ10 using nano technology. Diorang tak kecikkan CoQ10 tu, tapi diorang kecikkan the medium to transport CoQ10 from extracellular into intracellular (from intralumen into cells). So CoQ10 masih sama.

Zymtech claim using nano technology, tapi based on study it only cause minor effect in terms of absorption rate and bioavailability. Aku dah jumpa pasal Biosolve technology from US Patent Office. Please check this out:,056,971.PN.&OS=PN/6,056,971&RS=PN/6,056,971

I found the owner too:

Isunye kat sini. CoQ10 absorption boleh increase guna 3 cara:
1) reduction of particle size-using nano technology.
2) soft gel capsule with CoQ10 with Oil suspension
3) CoQ10 with increase water solubility
Tishcon has the expertise in 2) and 3). Daripada tiga2 cara ni, cara 1) yang paling tak berkesan. Zymtech memang menipu, claim 100% absorption. Dah dasar MLM, memang bahlol tahap cipan gak..

hyelbaine said...

Such a healthy discussion coming out from Azwan and Rose. I now realize why I ended up being an LDP traffic cone mover and not in your respective lines of work :P

I wonder if there are any trolls who could come in, analyze those excellent scientific comments and ADD to it rather than just go straight to the high morale, religion induced, author bashing and language usage mental farts ;)

Anonymous said...

skipping the scientific part discussion for now...

here's the company vision

To grow the awareness and application of enzyme base products as a health supplement to the masses and to increase quality of life by developing and nurturing more Malaysian entrepreneur predominantly using the Network Marketing platform as the vehicle in the Wellness Industry.

Anonymous said...

Zymtech World Company Mission

- To become a world leader in the field and supply of enzyme based health products to the world.

- To promote biotechnology base R&D and the transfer of latest enzyme product technology to develop Malaysia as a competitive hub for the world's halal health supplement market.

- To be the No.1 people's choice Local Network Marketing Company for Malaysians looking to the world.

- To provide a professional environment and education to individuals wanting to be entrepreneurs in the Wellness Industry through the Network Marketing platform.

Anonymous said...

network marketing, wellness industry, enterpreneurship are all basically good concepts in business.

when you include all the stupid flushing and only imaginary bonus initiatives/incomes, outrageous pricing, product tales of magical benefits, then it turns into the shameful and selfish MLM business.

azwan said...

Ceh, If they are so serious about R&D, they should already awarded with BioNexus Status from Biotechcorp.

It is not a realistic vision. World leader? they are living in lalaland. All these extraction and purification based product can be easily found in China. They want to beat the Chinese? Fucking stupid.

No.1 in MLM industry. Of course it is achievable. Most of Malaysian are dumbass and very passionate about MLM. Keh keh keh..

Professional environment and education. Ade hire fresh graduates utk buat training ke? Platform untuk kipas duit, cakap degar2 kat atas stage ade la. Suruh buat business plan pun tak reti. "Professional" environment kunun. keh keh keh...

Bomoh Hujan said...

dr bulan......alien mana tu.....lepas tu buat MLM....xda hasil perabih duit rakyat hark tuihhhh..alih2 MLM jugak di cari....gampang celake....

zarul666 said...

org slalu tnya company yg buat MLM ni legit atau x...sure le cmpny tu legit.Malaysia ni blh dikatakn syurga MLM.aslkn msa apply lesen duit masyuk.produk?peduli apa...yg pnting duit.agknya klu aku nk jual plutonium then buat MLM pn lps agknya.alasannya aku nk jdikn plutonium tu sbg tnaga tmbahan utk generate 1.21 aku x prlu TNB lgi...

zarul666 said...

dan aku pling skit hati tgk kerajaan abiskn duit rkyat hntar angkasawan kita ke angkasa semata2 nk main gasing....demmit!

wv: unter (unta!)

Rose said...

Thanks for d explanation, now it makes more sense! Tengok gak the Biosolv technology, quite informative and interesting. Hun, if Zymtech claims 100% bioavailabilty, mmg la kaki kelentong...

Anonymous said...

tapi..kira zymtech kena explain ah Biosolv yang dipatenkan tu datang daripada source yang mana..

dan mustahil ah daripada saya punya link tadi..daripada pembasuh gris dan minyak..hwahwhawa..

sorry my bad..bad research..huhu..

cek chun said...

no research is a bad research
hat off to you for taking time to search it. we are all here to gain knowledge. bukan turut membabi buto.. am i rite?

azwan said...

No prob Rose.
Raptorarena,Zymtech most probably dapat licensing dari Tishcon.

lalacici said...

selalunya im just a silent reader tapi hari ni nak jugak share komen ilmiah cket kat sini..

produk 1 yang sabun tu, dengan segala macam unsur dalam periodic table ade, magnesium, sodium, uranium, plutonium, einsteinium segala bagai, bagi aku semua tuh saje nak bagi produk nampak gempak..that's all..sape nak beli kalau bahan2 takat guna air je kan?? pastu proses guna tenaga solar?? mesin yang wat sabun tu ke yang guna solar energy?? ini cukup bagus, green energy kate org bahan2 tu di react ngan solar energy?? maksudnya UV light la kan?? kalau ikut ilmu aku yang ciput nih, bahaya kalau main ngan UV light..nanti plan nak produce anti oxidant jadi produce free sains ting.4 dulu, alkane react with UV in halogenation produce free radical as by product..

produk 2, 1001 macam buah..itu memang terbaik!!! mati nak g kumpul semua..pastu 450 fermentation days?? giler lama, lebih setahun..tapi persoalannya ade ke effect of fermentation time with product quality?? since dia guna bacteria, bacteria tu dah ade growth rate sendiri, & since ade banyak2 bacteria, i suppose all are different growth rate..pastu dia ade jugak limit concentration bacteria boleh hidup..kira la 500L tank, ade 1 juta bacteria maximum, takkan lebih dah dari tu wlaupun gi perap sampai kiamat..(betul kan??) unless continuous fermenter, tapi still limit time nak ferment 450 hari tu..

pasal 12 simbiotik bacteria tu, dah dipatent kan?? nape tak list down je ape 12 ekor bacteria tu..nak jugak tahu bacteria ape msuk perut nih..sebab stakat ni, kalau sebut mixed culture (lain2 species microbes) aku terbayang tangki taik je..sebab diorang guna mixed culture tuk waste water treatment..

pasal nak bagi saiz molekul lebih kecik dari biasa, ni pun pelik jugak..dia guna CoQ dalam produk tu, so saiz minimum yang boleh achieve is saiz CoQ tu la..kalau dah 1KDa tu, besar tu jela,takkan jadi lagi kecik..kalau lagi kecik, dah jadi produk lain..contohnya air, air consist of 2 atom hydrogen 1 atom oxygen, so saiz 1 molekul air is +/- saiz 3 atom tu..kalau potong lagi kecik, jadi 1 atom hydrogen je or oxygen, dah tak jadi air kan??
kalau ade salah tolong betulakn keh..saya budak baru belajar..^^

Aidid Mu'addib said...

You're getting the gist of the scam there...
But most Malay kids aren't like you, sad to say.

cek chun said...

ramai yang macam aku yang baru first time jumpa coQ tu. nak menyebut pun tak tau. kang terbunyi benda lain plak. kena pula yang menjualnya angkasawan hensem punya senyuman menawan, tak ke senang terpedaya.

syazwani said...

suka bc pasl antioksidan
my fyp n is waiting 4 viva..

Kopi-Pasta said...

Produk semiconductor nak jadi nano, produk harian pun nak ikut jadi nano. Haihhh... ingat nano ni teknologi murahan ke sampai MLM pun boleh wat "Nanotech R&D". Kos "Nanotech R&D" ni bukan murah apatah lagi nak buat "mass production". Kalau tiru produk lain lepas tu wat kat kilang China tu lainlah. Kalau MLM betul2 R&D department untuk wat reseach nanotech ni, botak rambut bos tu sebab pening fikir camner nak dapat untung berterusan sebab R&D ni process yang berterusan.

ps: Kalau ada orang yang cakap Azwan atau Rose ni spammer komfem IQ & EQ ada problem.

Sang Kambing said...

Lagu utk MLM'er... seswei x? keh3~


Mereka kata :
Mengapa kita tidak kaya raya?
Tengoklah si fulan itu,bermewahan saja..
Aku bertanya : apakah caranya untuk aku kaya?

Bukan kita tidak tahu
Jalan, denai dan liku
Agar harta ditemu dan disapu
Tapi semuanya cara palsu dan tipu..
Bukan kita tidak mahu,
Tapi kita tidak mampu,
Takut dan terkedu
Mengenangkan Yang Maha Satu
Yang Tiada BagiNya sekutu

Ya, telah kaya para pengkhianat,
Dengan harta yang sarat,
Tapi mereka lupa akhirat,
Balasan yang berat,
Di Dunia, jiwa bertukar jadi keparat

Ya, telah kaya para pendusta,
Syarat mereka : lupakan Yang Esa,
Harta rakyat, semua disebat
Harta awam, semua dibekam
Hukum syaitan, mereka bertuhan

Kita pun ingin kaya,
Ada harta, ada kereta yang istimewa,
Ada rumah mewah yang melimpah,
Ada hidangan yang bukan sebarangan,
Ada duit yang bukan sedikit

Tapi, jalannya hendaklah suci,
Bukan seperti seorang pencuri,
Jika ada jalan yang mulia,
Di hujungnya ada harta,

Tunjukkan kita, di mana saja
Kita bukan musuh harta,
Kita cuma musuh pengkhianat bangsa
Dan Negara,
Apatah lagi pengkhianat agama..

abon said...

Sia-sia je g numpang naik spaceship. Nyampah aku tengok bendera kat dada ko lagi besor dari engkasewan n scientist rusia. Gile besor yuran nak pakai bendera kat dada ko dulu tu last2 ko lapar duit gak la Dr Musampah oi..

Da la dlu aku dengor ko buat talk mintak bayo beribu. x ckup tu ko sapot MLM plak... Sia-sia tol ko jadi angkasampah pertama bawak roti canai dgn durian keluar dari bumi....

Aku pun tak tau aku benci apenye... Tapi memang aku tulis je ape aku nak tulis atas dasar benci MLM dan mereka yang bersangkutan mengencing bangsaku...


Anonymous said...

On business perspective, the zymtech world had the tools to persuade the people to join their marketing network. this is where the company is a bit dangerous compared to even big MLM companies in Malaysia. All the Datuk and Dr as speakers, chairman and management can easily entice people more effectively than artist/testimonials to join the business.

while their product is open for discussion, the general people need to understand the bad thing about MLM business as those doctors can easily dispel any doubt about the product. what's with an ex-dcp as chairman, beware..beware!

5c1d said...

mcm2 kat dunia yang tak lama nih..ader ajer isu nak menghalalkan cara...drpd isu membazir gi angkasa ntah buat pape teros gi buat benda2 merapek..org2 kaye nih agaknyer dah makin tak cukup kot duitnya...dlm islam kalo makin kaya makin tak cukup tuh ader ar something wrong dlm rezeki kite tuh..mungkin terambil hak org ker aper..bwk2 ar insap manusia oiiii..wpon aku bukan dokter tp as professional aku malu tgk org yg bijak pandai menyalahgunakan ilmu ke arah yang tak elok..wallahualam

n3scaf3_ais said...

gd luck bro...

Malaysiakini Kena Hacked??
Pengumpul Gambar Awek Bertudung-!!!

azwan said...

Your critical thinking shows your capacity as future scientist. Please note that if you are keen to be entrepreneur on the future, you are not only need Capacity, but also Capability.

Capacity = knowledge you gain from book you read and person you know.
Capability = experience, communication skills, network, image, things you won't learn in school and university.

You what happened with MLMers? They are lacking of capacity, but they think they are good enough in capability.

You car fuel tank capacity maybe 98% full, but it is still a 1000cc car. You need to develop both capacity and capability, means get full 100% tank(capacity) with 3000cc engine power(capability). It will be a lifelong process. Then you will be able to differentiate and position yourself in the market and do something sustainable.

You see what happened to Dr Sheikh? Has the capacity in medical field, but I don't think he has both the capability and capacity to be an astronaut and successful businessman. Ask him to interpret financial projection, ask him to do comprehensive business plan, definitely he will fail.

hyelbaine said...

"Ask him to interpret financial projection, ask him to do comprehensive business plan, definitely he will fail"

Totally agree with Azwan's statement. Financial literacy of the Malays is severly lacking compared to the rest. Unfortunately, we don't get to learn this in schools or tertiary education places.

The only way to improve is by reading a trait which I'm afraid is ver difficult for most Malays. Even if you want to open a burger stall, basic understanding of cash flow management and P&L is required.

Just like the case of the nasyid group, I cannot give the benefit of the doubt that the angka-sawan would claim he had no idea what was going on when he signed his soul to the dajjal's.

lilacfla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lilacfla said...

cuba klik link blog FTN ni.


penipu besaq!

Rose said...

Cuba bagi contoh produk MLM yg tak leh ubatkan erectile dysfunction? Tu dah kira penyakit wajib dlm senarai dah tu..

Alamak, terbayang pulak sume org yg amek produk2 sampah ni jadi cam Peter North, sure havoc habis Msia.....hish, Azwan n Aidid la ni, dok slalu sgt sebut2 (nasib baik x tau camna muka PN tu, tau nama baik..).

Rose said...

La, dah delete ke? cam ai cakap ngaruts. Takpela, skali skala spam..

rizal said...

wv : banglea?? huhuhu..

Latifah said...

aisey... macam mana leh terlepas ada entri baru ni? ish ish...

okay, nak sambung baca jap... :)

wv: lopac

Gegena Paraben Eson said...

Typical MLM scheme. Takat nak rak mencanang teknologi nano kat makanan la, filter air la, foot patch la. Apekebende?

satu yg common kat testimonials2 MLM ni kan, ayat dia sgt convincing kpd orang2 dungu-piang. Seriously.

selalunya produk2 mcm ni dia target org yg berumur. Macam opah aku, dah 80++, selalu la dapat recommendation itu ini, makan minum itu ini, boleh sihat camtu camni. Kasi testimonial, tunjuk org ni sihat sbb makan produk ni, terus opah aku excited. last2 aku gak yg larang opah aku beli benda2 camtu.

Pustaka NurIman said...

how bout this?

azwan said...

Hang ni sebelah MLM ka atau anti MLM? Meh habaq dulu. silap2 kena balun..

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Stormreaders is a conundrum... somewhat. Kalau plan pemasarannya dah ada pencarian ahli utk ditaja, dan terdapat duplikasi perkara ini terhadap setiap ahli yg join... dan tiada "braking system" dlm pencarian resellers... tak kesah la jual buku agama ke, tak kesah la semuanya wangi sebab ada jual minyak attar ke - disebabkan plan pemasaran sebegitu... maka ianya tetap akan kekal sbg "pyramid-selling" dan takde ustaz turun drpd Gunung Benum atau ulama' yg turun dari langit ke-7 boleh kata ianya halal dan syariah-compliance thing-a-ma-jig... whatever the heck. Pengamal sistem perniagaan sebegini tak seeloknya fikir mereka terus dapat tiket masuk syurga... sebab ada ustaz cakap MLM jenis Stormreader lain drpd MLM org alkafirun... it's just plain pyramid-scheme selling books wadehel... what's the difference?

Kopi-Pasta said...

In my opinion, Stormreaders is somewhat different than the others MLM, but mind you, it's still MLM and one of the most complex at that.

I just couldn't understand why these companies with so called "best products in the whole universe" are drooling all over to sell their product using MLM system when they could sell their product using normal direct selling method. If they really want to give something to the society, they would try to minimize the products prices so that more people could afford their products and I don't think MLM is an efficient way of minimizing the prices. With all sort of bonuses, it is just impossible to sell products with fair prices. In the end, all of the benefits of MLM are exclusive only for the companies and the uplines and I don't think win-lose situation is acceptable in Islam especially in business.

Whatchamacallit said...

Dah makin banyak doktor buat kerja MLM/SP lahanat nih.

Kalau budak tak habis SPM buat benda ni kita boleh kata depa nih bangang tak cukup ilmu.. Tapi kalau ustaz, cikgu and now medical doctors sanggup nak jadi kaya makan duit downline.. these are the biggest worst leechfuckershiteaters.

in my book, budak rempit yg langgar sidemirror aku semalam tu lagi mulia dari doktor yang buat kerja lahanat mlm nih.

Luqman said...

orang melayu sekarang sibuk nak kaya je.duit x penah cukup....

shy said...

Tuan,tlg komen pasal vgmc

miss M said...

Boy, you're angry huh...I wud want to read your article...but due to harsh language you're not able to read it at all..potong ar bro..haha..anyway, keep on posting this information..but just a frenly suggestion,write ur article professionally k...easy on the eye..:)


IbnuMaah said...

a'salam, ini pertama kali saya baca blognih, bagus gak komen dia, tapi bagi saya, kalau kite tak faham kite tanye, kite belajar,kite cari, kite mengaji, kalau kite main congak congak je, berbagai masalah yang timbul, however, human memang macam tu, dalam al quran dah kata manusia suka kepada kerusakan, untuk pengetahuan tuan professor, yg kekwn dia byk doctor nih, cuba tanya apa fungsi CoQ10, ini msk ceramah 10 minute dah kabur(lari) pastu buat cite, macam dah tahu betul, apa itu nano teknologi, dan bagaimana formular utk hasilkan Q10, sejarah bagaimana sykt ditubuhkan, siapa yg buat formular tu, anda x suka pijat kelambu anda bakar, untuk pengetahuan tuan, sykt itu ditubuhkan utk memberi peluang kpd org melayu faham apa itu kebaikan Q10, takan doktor nak pi rumah hang terangkan benda tu, so cr yg terbaik ada kan business MLM, asalnye business ni dlm bentuk trading jual katfarmasi je, pastu kerajaan x puas hati sbb org melayu macam kamu ni x pernahbeli pun, dulu dlm bentuk pack dlm bahasa cina dan english, so org melayuuuuuuuuu x paham, jadi kerajaan pilih sykt zymtech utk bantu terangkan kt melayuuuuu macamkamu, supaya tau yg CoQ10 tu satu supplement yg baik utk kesihatan, takan dato najib nak pi rumah hang, keluarga hang terangkan benda nihhhhh, so cr yg terbaik buka business macam ni, ade org pergi terangkan, bila dia terangkan dia dapat upah dari usaha dia, dan cb anda cadangkan business macamana org melayu boleh buat beri penerangan, beri ilmu, beri kebaikan dan beri pulangan dgn modal yang kecil, nak buka pondok jual air batu tepi jalan pun modal nye RM5000.00, lesen dari majlis perbandaran, lesen kementerian kesihatan, under table, ni cuma RM 500 kau dah boleh buat business, sebenarnye byk lagi yg sy boleh terangkan tapi rasa ckp setakat ini saja.....wassalam

IbnuMaah said...

utk pengetahuan pembaca, product yg dijual oleh zymtech tu, formula di cipta oleh professor huan, sykt zymtech telah membelinye dengan harga yg tiggi, dan bergabung dgn 6 saintis malayu (malaysia)utk hasilkan bahan yg baik, produck Q10 tu dah dijual kat malaysia lebih 5 tahun yg lalu, tapi penguna nye org bukan melayu 90%,dan org medical yg perasan je,so kerajaan minta bantuan supaya bangsa melayu dapat mengunakanye, krjaan bagi grant 20 juta utk buka kilang kat malay nih...., pada asalnye professor huan nak 100% bahan tu utk pasaran negar timur tengah, tpi kerajaan kata rakyat malay yg .... nih pun nak juga kebaikan dia, bahan mentah dari malaysia, kilang malaysia takan kami tak nak rasa, so zymtech diberikan tanggungjawab utk pasarkan kepada rakyat jelata dengan harga paling murah, harga asal 15 dollar satu pack kecil, kita dapat15 ringgit satu pack, sbb formula yg dicipta oleh saintis mengikut sukatan yg betul, so utk kita tahu kita cuba, ade 12 bacteria dlm tu, itu bermaksud bahan yang terhasil itu adalah bahan yg digunakan utk trigger bacteria yg sememang ada dlam stomach kite utk berfungsi lebih efficience with low energy, good distribution of nutrien.

Rose said...

Amboi, baru balik dari kursus ke IbnuMaah? Bersemangat kamu ni. Pastu last-last kena refer kat buku panduan Zymtech. Betul tak?


Aidid Mu'addib said...

Palejadah punya anak meleis dungupiang...
Tarak pandai baca ka thambi?
Who do you think do you talking to boy?
Ko graduate medical school kat mana dol?
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is produced by the human body and is necessary for the basic functioning of cells. CoQ10 levels are reported to decrease with age and to be low in patients with some chronic diseases such as heart conditions, muscular dystrophies, Parkinson's disease, cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. Some prescription drugs may also lower CoQ10 levels.
Levels of CoQ10 in the body can be increased by taking CoQ10 supplements, although it is not clear that replacing "low CoQ10" is beneficial.
CoQ10 has been used, recommended, or studied for numerous conditions, but remains CONTROVERSIAL as a treatment in many areas.

>>>Besides endogenous synthesis, CoQ10 is also supplied to the organism by various foods. However, despite the scientific community’s great interest in this compound, a very limited number of studies have been performed to determine the contents of CoQ10 in dietary components. The first reports on this issue were published in 1959, but the sensitivity and selectivity of the analytical methods at that time did not allow reliable analyses, especially for products with low concentrations. Developments in analytical chemistry have since enabled a more reliable determination of CoQ10 concentrations in various foods.
Meat and fish are the richest source of dietary CoQ10 and levels over 50 mg/kg can be found in beef, pork and chicken heart, and chicken liver. Dairy products are much poorer sources of CoQ10 compared to animal tissues. Vegetable oils are also quite rich in CoQ10. Within vegetables, parsley, and perilla are the richest CoQ10 sources, but significant differences in their CoQ10 levels can be found in the literature. Broccoli, grape, and cauliflower are modest sources of CoQ10. Most fruit and berries represent a poor to very poor source of CoQ10, with the exception of avocado, with a relatively high CoQ10 content.

>>>Kalau dah species meleis scammer tu, sampai bila2 suka kena scam dan men-scam org lain... wadefak punya dungu ntah. Tertinggal bas bagai nak rak budak sekoq neh... Tu la pasal org melayu akan terus kekal second class dalam semua bidang di negara sendiri... sekor2 bongok gilabab nak mampos. Senang sgt kena kelentong... ON SUCH A COMMON ISSUES THAT HAS BEEN RECORDED AND ANALYSED ALL OVER THE WORLD BY RESEARCHERS AND SCIENTISTS.
Inilah contohnya - species no hope... MELEIS.
The End.

IbnuMaah said...

not i am not, sy dulu consultance at zymtech yg tahu perbingcangan itu, sy lecturer in university, teaching in enzyme and health science, however, now saya dah finish my contract with them, so apa yg diceritakan itu, membuatkan org melayu kerugian..... di negara luar CoQ10 dah diguna pakai more than 20 yrs, research say good why we want to dismish it......

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Elok humban scroll masters/PhD tu masuk lubang jamban cepat... dumbshit!

IbnuMaah said...

thank you my dear,
biasa lah org malay.... kekadang rasa diri tu dah terlalu pandai, komen sana komen sini, beri benda yg membina agak kurang, however, i a ready read more than 100 research before i become a consultance

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Eja omputeh pun ko tu merangkak dol... consultant kejadahnya?
Scammer macam pundek betul mamat bahalol neh....

Takde sapa2 kat sini rasa pandai... dan nak menunjuk2.

Kalau dah sesuatu MLM itu SCAM - I'll explain to everyone (yg IQ >75) how it is a scam, with scientific referral from relevent peer-reviewed medical/scientific literature sources... I'm not the one who is the smart one, it's those scientists and researchers that worked their asses off to get the proper and truthful information that're the smart ones - TRUTH BY SCIENCE... ever heard of such things? Don't think so huh?

Like I said... lecturer? You fucking asshole you're a crackpot lecturer you ass. Basic things like this pun nak spin ka dol? CONSULTANCE... hahahaha! ejanya yg betul: SCAMMER dol (dan bukan pulak CONSULTANT). Gilabab punya dungu pun perasan nak jadi CONSULTANCE... or even lecturer? What the fuck is the meleis world coming to man?

IbnuMaah said...

sorry bro, masa tgh tulis tu ade ramai org nak cite,and takleh nak connnnnnn tu you blog yang pada saya stupid gile punye, hope allah x bisu kan you pasal suka mencarut, dlm psychological assessment dia kata kalau kita layan org gila kita pun sama gila thank a lot bro...... maaf selamat ari raya.

Ayub MGSB said...

Buang Maso, Buang duit, menghabehkan boreh. blaja tinggi-tinggi jadi penyamun.

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Woi scammer... sapa pulak yg mencarut neh? What the fuck man?
Gila ka... apa ka... gua tarak kesah... sebab aku tak scam org lain for whatever reason, dan aku tak pernah telan duit haram-laknat apa-apa MLM whatsoever. And btw, I sleep well at night... tqvm.
Suka kena scam dan men-scam meleis lain erk dol?
Genetic meleis scammer tu tebal ya amat ka?
Tarak malu sket pun ka dey thambi... aiyoyoooo...
"Consultance" tu weeeiiii! What a lame fucking ass...

The End... kali ke-2.

matsom said...

totally ad hominem, from IbnuMaah's profile:

"lecturer ih(sic) health science senior physiotherapist health suppliment(sic) advicer(get tha picture oredy?) small interprenuer(takleh bukak kamus ka?) advicer(ni perkataan belajor masa sekolah rendah..)

how to help people good in health and prevent diseases (mak aihhh, ni saje je nak seksa orang kan? kan?? kan??!?!)"

Sayangi Bahasa Ibunda. Tulis Melayu dahle tuan "lecturer"...

Rose said...

Hehehehe, spot on matsom! Lecturer kat kolej enam badut kot? IbnuMaah my dear, pray share with us the 100 papers you read to become a "consultance"

Fuyooo, senang rhopanya nak jadi "consultance" kat zymtech, baca lebih 100 papers jer....Kalau camtu, ai pun "consultance" gak. Untung-untung leh jumpa doc astronaut..

azwan said...

Shittt...aku tetinggal komuter. Please stay here dear consultant. Meh kita berbincang secara ilmiah. meh meh meh..

hyelbaine said...

I know of 6 year olds with better English that this scam of a lecturer. Admit it, you're just a CONsultance! Hahahahah

azwan said...

not i am not, sy dulu consultance at zymtech yg tahu perbingcangan itu, sy lecturer in university, teaching in enzyme and health science, however, now saya dah finish my contract with them, so apa yg diceritakan itu, membuatkan org melayu kerugian..... di negara luar CoQ10 dah diguna pakai more than 20 yrs, research say good why we want to dismish it......

Nak muntah aku nengok henggelish dia. Budak SPM lagi baguih...Ni bukan personal attack,tapi mamat sekor ni memang total dumbass. Macam tok bomoh cakap pasal sains. Sejibikkkk...

Admin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
azwan said...

About Me

Mohd Adnan Abdul Hamid
Physiotherapy hospital Kota Bharu 1991-1999, physiotherapy kelantan football association 1991-1999, physiotherapy publicbank football association 2002, physiotherapy FAM 2003, Physiotherapy PLUS football association 2004, senior physiotherapy at shah alam medical center 2005-2010, permanent job as lecturer in program physiotherapy, faculty of health science, UiTM, Puncak Alam. Zymtech produck consultancy (enzyme / health)2009-2010.

Physiotherapist yek. Now i know your level. Main bola lagi elok la samdol. Errr..satu statement dari blog nko:

sakit mental = dapat dibahagikan kepada kemurungan, dengki, sakit hati, marah, bosan, cemburu, syak wasangka, was - was, panas baran, merajuk, tak puas hati, kecik hati.

Mesti ko ingat tuan blog ni sakit mental kan? Adiosss consultant! HAHAHHhahahahHAHAHA!!

Admin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Latifah said...

hamba tumpang lalu ^___~
consultance? gagagagaaaa
by the way, perenggan ni:

"not i am not, sy dulu consultance at zymtech yg tahu perbingcangan itu, sy lecturer in university, teaching in enzyme and health science, however, now saya dah finish my contract with them, so apa yg diceritakan itu, membuatkan org melayu kerugian..... di negara luar CoQ10 dah diguna pakai more than 20 yrs, research say good why we want to dismish it...... "

macam guna google translate je~~~~

wv: ingerte = ngerti kamu???

IbnuMaah said...

Hahhhhaaa pasal my henglish ni maaf le dulu sy sklah pondok je atau skolah atap, sy x pernah masuk U pun hahahaha…. Tapi dapat jadi cikgu kat U……. u samadolllll And pasal business MLM ni pun sy x master gak and x minat pun, dan sy x dapat apa apa benefits pun , tapi nak menyebuk and nak share je ………. Dgn pembaca blog nih berkaitan dgn kebaikan CoQ10, kalau rasa baik simpan kalau rasa hampeh campakan je…….hahahaha ilmu saya sekupang je tapi nak gak joint the club…….bagaimana anda nak cari barang tu itu anta punye unta lah yeeeee,
Quinzii, et al (2007) found that CoQ10 deficiency is a clinically and genetically heterogeneous
syndrome. Cerebellar ataxia appears to be the most common phenotype. In patients with the infantile multisystemic form, mutations in CoQ10 biosynthetic genes have been identified. It is important to diagnose CoQ10 deficiency, because patients often improve with CoQ10 supplementation (Columbia University, Neurology,)

Nihhhh nak cite kat org lelaki yg x berapa gagah dlam lawan pedang nihhhh Mohammad (2009) suggested that Coenzyme Q10 supplementation resulted in a statistically significant improvement in certain semen parameters.( The Journal of Urology)… so q10 akan menguatkan contraction jantung bagi mengepam darah ke seluruh badan termasuk lah annuuuuu tu so, anu tu bergantung kpd bekalan darah dari jantung je, untuk penohi tissue carvanoza dia, volume darah dari jantung 100% semasa remaja, tapi bila dah tua……volume darah dah tinggal 65% - 70% maka kekuatan anuuuu tu pun reduce to 70%,

IbnuMaah said...

Niihh nak cite pula pasal absorption CoQ10, Hiroshi, et al.,(2007) suggested that In conclusion atorvastatin definitely decreased plasma CoQ10 levels and supplementation with CoQ10 increased their levels. These changes in plasma CoQ10 levels showed no relation to the changes in serum AST, ALT and CK levels
Nih dari Abyir et, al., (2011) researcher dari turki faculty of medicine they suggested that The treatment of AOP with CoQ10 plus PAM-atropine has a therapeutic effects on both erythrocyte and liver tissue lipid peroxidation and CE activity.

Yang ni pulak utk org takut tuaaaaaa Thomas Blatt, (P76 Journal AM ACAD DERMATOL) German found that : In placebo controlled clinical studies on elderly volunteers, we observe a significant reduction of facial wrinkles and fine lines on CoQ10 treated skin sites, thought to be a result of enhanced synthesis of hyaluronate. Both CoQ10 and its cellular reduced form ubiquinol are involved in the energy supplying system of the respiratory chain. Their dual function may serve to
explain the substantial efficacy of topically applied CoQ10 in elderly skin.

IbnuMaah said...

Lars Ernster & Gustav (1995) clinical research center, Sweden found that Dietary ubiquinone, i.e., ubiquinone present in food or taken as a dietary supplement, seems to act primarily by
elevating the ubiquinone level in blood, and may there serve several important functions such as an enhanced protection of LDL from lipid peroxidation, a prevention of free-radical damage caused by neutrophils in inflammatory diseases, and a prevention of oxidative injury by endothelial cells resulting from ischemia-reperfusion.

& banyak lagi research yg kata ia baik so terpulanglah kepada para para komentar yg budiman dan Cuma kat sini kawe nak bagi tau je… Q10 boleh didapati dari daging binatang, yg paling byk dlm liver binatang dan yg paling byk dari hati (liver) khinzir…..dan tumbuh tumbuhan paling byk dlm daun tembakau, ini cite saje ye dari 1 tan (RM 50,000) tembakau diprosess dapat 50kg CoQ10 je(RM 450,000.00) so sbb tu produk yg mengandungi CoQ10 tu ingredient nye sikit sgt, so pilih lah produk yg anda suka atau simpanlah duit anda dah sakit baru berubat hahahaha

Nak sambung lagi nih Q10 nih sgt penting utk preventive and curative measure bagi org yg high risk to diseases especially bg org yg ade family history of ……(heredity) & Q10 nih sensitive skit kena haba je dia kojol (denature) kena logam je di oxidize, kena alcohol je dia koluuu, dia lawan dgn statin badi sape kuat org yg ambil statin, akan menyebabkan Q10 level dia merudum. Statin utk reduce cholesterol level, low Q10 level cause a illness, so choose le yg anda suka kkkkkkkkk

Maaf aididdd pasal myampok panjang haahaha TQ. Tak puas hati sila layari
• Goggle scholar kat sana taip je CoQ10 + evidence+ supplement+ disease (kalau ingat nama disease lagi baik)
• Lippincott, William & Wilkins (access via Ovid database)
• Cochrane library …………..
Have a nice day, assalamualaikom………

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Woi gempaq wei! Physiotherapist dah perasan nak jadi duktuuuuuurr. Pehal tak apply masuk med-school awal2 dulu dey? Oooops! Sorry kalau ungkit yg SPM grade 2 atau ntah berapa ntah. Kena reject awal2 erk? Ada sebab tuh...
Anyway... Siap copy-paste bagai studies from wherever. Dey, topic CoQ10 dah ada dlm textbook medical sejak tahun 70-an, nothing new here... CoQ10 ada byk benefits dan ada jugak side-effects... tapi tak bermakna ianya boleh dibuat modal SCAM MLM mahu mengelentong pengguna... ko paham ko idak topik asal artikel kek ateh tu jang woi? CoQ10 ada dlm makanan harian dan ianya murah... takde rege beratus2 style MLM kejadah as in Zymtech shit.
Sekali lagik - ko paham ko idak neh scammer lecturer "elok humban aje dlm gaung" woi? Wadefak?

matsom said...

IbnuMaah -oleh kerana aku rasa ko ni punya pemahaman lembap sket, maka aku wat point laa eh?

* takde pon dalam artikel kat atas dok pertikai pasal CoQ10, yang ko dok sebok nak kopipes segala research tu pasal? dan kalu ko nak cerita pasal research sangat nape tak tarok aje study yang dah dibuat oleh Zymtech untuk produk derang? kanke ko bekas "consultance" derang, musti ada maklumat yang berguna (or tak berguna...)

* pasal bahasa, pesal ko sebok nak wat cerita ko dulu sekolah pondok & tak masok uni? isunya skarang ko dah pon masok uni -jadi pensyarah lagik, tapi bahasa ko tunggang-langgang! Ape dalam ITM tu takde cikgu BI (&BM!) yang boleh kasi tunjuk ajo? Atau ko memang jenis bodoh-sombong (jahil murakkab) dan taknak belajo?

Rose said...

Hmmm, ada lagi orang tak paham konsep. Mana ada AM pertikai psl coenzyme 10, but, dia asked about zymtech product. Ada tak research and papers on zymtech products? Tu yg relevan, bukan info pasal CoQ10.

Kalau you ni lecturer, I feel sorry for the uni or collage that you are attached with. Baca papers pun tak paham and tak reti nak kait ngan hujah ko. 

Eg. Quinzii 2007

Paper tu mention CoQ10 deficiency is a heterogeneous syndrome and the genes are autosomal recessive. So, probability nak kena deficiency ni quite low, you need parents that are either carriers of these genes or have the deficiency themselves. Dah kurang releven hujah ko pasal kena amek CoQ10 as supplement for this deficiency.

Eg 2
Mohammad (2009) CoQ10 can improve certain semen parameters. Apa kait improve air mani (semen) dengan gagah dlm lawan pedang? Kalau might improve sperm viability and activity boleh la paham sket.

Maybe lecturer cum "consultance" Ibnu boleh explain? 

IbnuMaah said...

salam, bro, pasal research tu ade org mintak kongsi kong, so sy bagi le, and sy pun x minat ngan MLM nih, cuma nak cite pasal produk tu baguiii, je susah gak nak jumpa, formula dia tu bagui, kalau nak dibandingkan ngan tongkatali, alikafffeee,jus2 seribu rasa, gelang magnet, but MLM punye pasallah harga dia jadi mahal, so terkedu juga nak beli,syarikat tu dah tukar ceo dia macam tukar baju, hahaha however, dah lama dah x pi dengaq cite, so ok la bro

IbnuMaah said...

hahaha......q10 boleh bantu increase total sperm count, sperm quality, sperm motility,increase power shooting while ejaculation,dan increase erection due to inhibit a inhibitor-induced impotence .....wallahualam. rose ..... kkkkk

Rose said...

Why don't u say that in the first place? Your comments must be relevant with the cited references. Tu point aku Ibnu.

matsom said...

uih... ni memang tak sedor kena pwned nih,

"cuma nak cite pasal produk tu baguiii, je susah gak nak jumpa, formula dia tu bagui, kalau nak dibandingkan ngan..."

1. Fine ko kata produk [Zymtech?] tu "baguii", apa buktinya? Semua cerita research tu takde kena mengena ngan Zymtech dol...

2. Formula dia "bagui"? Hahahhah takkan jual air liur je dol? Ape formula ko nak cite? Cemana ko ngajo bebudak neh?

3. Kalu dibandingkan dengan [...] -ahahahhhah tektik klasik MLMers, masuk bakul angkat sendirik. Macam biasa dol, bawak bukti study/research yang korang dah buat dulu -cemana korang buat perbandingan produk korang ngan produk XYZ etc. bla-bla, takyah nak gebang pasal menguatkan air mani/lawan pedang (kahakaahhahh, maksudnya dua-dua pakai pedang???) -takkan tu aje yang ada dalam pale hotak ko?

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Aku jual keropok lekor, aku claim keropok aku ada CoQ10. Lepas tu aku kasi studies ntah datang dari mana-mana universiti kat Amrika, kat Landen, kat Tokiyo... semua cakap CoQ10 boleh kasi batang bagak bak donkey... pancut sampai siling der... boleh kasi kanser sembuh jugak tuh... etc etc...

So... itu modal aku buat promosi keropok lekor alaf baru daripada Syarikat Lekor 1Malaysia Bhd - dutanya astronaut tourist, hepi sakan dia dapat duit free...

Maka berduyun2 la meleis beli keropok lekor aku erk?
Meleis punya mentaliti mmg gitu sejak azali... dasar kena jadi lauk tak sudah2.

Tak payah aku buat double-blind studies kat HUKM, PPUM, HUSM... claim aje yg bukan2, dan dgn adanya astronaut... sure boleh laku punya - apa mau susah2 buat studies yg membuktikan keropok lekor aku ada CoQ10, dan ada terbukti kesan medikal kpd pengguna whatever.... seperti yg dicanangkan. Who the fuck cares huh? Org meleis mmg dungupiang sekor2 dai Perlis sampai ke Sabah... apa ada hal brader? Govt sokong what? Siap kasi lesen buat scam MLM lagik tuh. Hebak mung!

azwan said...

Hoi Adnan,

Dah jadi physiotherapist, dok diam2 dah la. Nampak sgt ko ni manipulative benda2 alah coQ10 ni. Ko kenal MsAwin? Dia tu legend, jenis tok bomoh yg nak mengekek pasal perubatan moden. Dah taktau buat cara taktau. Ni jadinye bila tak masuk medical school, memandai mandai buat conclusion sendirik. Meh aku explain dalam bahase mudah.

Quinzii, et al (2007) found that CoQ10 deficiency is a clinically and genetically heterogeneous
syndrome. Cerebellar ataxia appears to be the most common phenotype.
--> Just mention je la any type of GENETIC diseases, yg menyebabkan badan sendiri tak boleh produce, of course akan menyebabkan penyakit deficiency. Ko boleh tanye mana2 pediatricians, ada beribu jenis penyakit genetic yg boleh wujud. Ko delete satu gene, jadila penyakit. Dalam keadaan SPECIAL camni, of course ko perlukan supplement yg spesifik mcm coQ10. Dahla prevalance pun sikit, tak signifikan pun nak support product, market size pun kecik. Ada paham samdol? Ko tepek2 journal tu ko tak paham ape signifikan dia. bodot tol..

Mohammad (2009) suggested that Coenzyme Q10 supplementation resulted in a statistically significant improvement in certain semen parameters.( The Journal of Urology)… so q10 akan menguatkan contraction jantung bagi mengepam darah ke seluruh badan termasuk lah annuuuuu tu so, anu tu bergantung kpd bekalan darah dari jantung je, untuk penohi tissue carvanoza dia, volume darah dari jantung 100% semasa remaja, tapi bila dah tua……volume darah dah tinggal 65% - 70% maka kekuatan anuuuu tu pun reduce to 70%,
--> Ni contoh org yg tak paham ape itu evidence based medicine. Ko nak test benda untuk clinically proven, ko mesti test direct. Ko makan buah A, mesti direct kat kote ko tegak. Takde ASSUME bila heart rate increase, blood flow ke kote pun makin bagus. Same gak mcm ko rembat mana2 lalang kat belakang rumah ko tu, rebus pastu minum, pastu tgk2 heart rate ko increase. Ko nak tau contoh pathway yg telah dibuktikan secara direct buat kote ko tegak, baca mechanism of action pasal Sildenafil...yg tu baru betol, straight to kote, bukan corner baring, lepak kat bus stand jap, last2 baru kote tegak. Tu tak betol physiotherapist samdol oiii.

Niihh nak cite pula pasal absorption CoQ10, Hiroshi, et al.,(2007) suggested that In conclusion atorvastatin definitely decreased plasma CoQ10 levels and supplementation with CoQ10 increased their levels. These changes in plasma CoQ10 levels showed no relation to the changes in serum AST, ALT and CK levels
--> Ape kejadahla ai mamat ni. Dah statin drug reduce coQ10 level, ape kaitannye dgn absorption?

Nih dari Abyir et, al., (2011) researcher dari turki faculty of medicine they suggested that The treatment of AOP with CoQ10 plus PAM-atropine has a therapeutic effects on both erythrocyte and liver tissue lipid peroxidation and CE activity.
--> Lain kali paste je link dia.. Ko bace intro study tu je cukup:
The aim of this study was to examine the effects of CoQ10 on malondialdehyde (MDA) and nitric oxide (NO) levels and on the choline esterase (CE) activity in the heart tissue and erythrocytes in acute organophosphate poisoning (AOP) and to compare it with antidote treatment.
Ni comparative study organophosphate poisoning dgn antidote, ape ko nak suruh sumer customer ko minum racun, pastu test sembuh guna coQ10? ko biar bena samdol? Bunuh customer? suruh angkasawan ko je la minum samdol oi..

azwan said...


Thomas Blatt, (P76 Journal AM ACAD DERMATOL) German found that : In placebo controlled clinical studies on elderly volunteers, we observe a significant reduction of facial wrinkles and fine lines on CoQ10 treated skin sites, thought to be a result of enhanced synthesis of hyaluronate. Both CoQ10 and its cellular reduced form ubiquinol are involved in the energy supplying system of the respiratory chain. Their dual function may serve to explain the substantial efficacy of topically applied CoQ10 in elderly skin.
--> Yg ni ok la. Aku bagi fair opinion. Ni pun resultnye for cosmetic purpose. Lagi significant dari testimoni.

Lars Ernster & Gustav (1995) clinical research center, Sweden found that Dietary ubiquinone,
-->Bagi je la link, ape susah: Ni sumer well known function of coQ10, ape yg hebaknye? Same mcm ko letak 1001 benefits of Vit C. Gilo apo? Taksub sungguh dgn coQ10, seolah-olah ko sorang tau pasal coQ10. Huh? Physiotherapist?

dan tumbuh tumbuhan paling byk dlm daun tembakau, ini cite saje ye dari 1 tan (RM 50,000) tembakau diprosess dapat 50kg CoQ10 je(RM 450,000.00) so sbb tu produk yg mengandungi CoQ10 tu ingredient nye sikit sgt, so pilih lah produk yg anda suka atau simpanlah duit anda dah sakit baru berubat hahahaha
-->Ko nak extract ape plak nye dari tembakau bahlol? Tu la gunanye ilmu sains utk berpikir dol. Ingat perah2 belakang rumah, dapat santan pekat...gitu samdol? Tengok link ni, one of the biggest manufacturer of coQ10.. Org guna yeast dol. Leh dapat jauh lagi banyak kalau ko bayar RM450K kat Kaneka tu.

Nak sambung lagi nih Q10 nih sgt penting utk preventive and curative measure bagi org yg high risk to diseases especially bg org yg ade family history of ……(heredity) & Q10 nih sensitive skit kena haba je dia kojol (denature) kena logam je di oxidize, kena alcohol je dia koluuu, dia lawan dgn statin badi sape kuat org yg ambil statin, akan menyebabkan Q10 level dia merudum. Statin utk reduce cholesterol level, low Q10 level cause a illness, so choose le yg anda suka kkkkkkkkk
-->Ape ko merapu samdol? Ulang benda2 sama. Jadi physiotherapist sudaaa..

hahaha......q10 boleh bantu increase total sperm count, sperm quality, sperm motility,increase power shooting while ejaculation,dan increase erection due to inhibit a inhibitor-induced impotence .....
-->Merapu byk. Kasi link sket. Macam pak abu jual ubat kuat kat pasar malam tau tak. Bebal punya MLMers.

Mamat physiotherapist ni taktau ape dia cakap. Asal sedap dibaca pasal coQ10, hambekk ko! Taksub! Belasah letak 100000 list! Sesuai utk menipu budak2 sekolah utk masuk MLM, tapi kantoi dgn sesape yg paham ilmu sains. Dahla samdol....nampak bengap sungguh walaupun ko dah baca 100 research papers. Hmphhh...Typical MLMers.

azwan said...
-->I must admit that it is significant. Tapi high quality sperm tak menyebabkan kote mu tegak. keh keh keh...

alin.nolin.colin said...

ianya disebut dalam sebuah hadith nabi yang diriwayatkan oleh Imam Bukhari yang bermaksud: 

"Tetaplah kamu dengan Habbatus Sauda ini kerana di dalamnya terdapat ubat bagi segala penyakit kecuali mati". 

Alhamdullilah setelah lama menderita sinus, buat rawatan da banyak kali, x baik2 jugak, last2 beli Habbatus Sauda ni, mkn dgn roti every morning for breakfast, baik resdung aku..
Dan ikut je la cara2 Rasulullah saw menjaga kesihatan & diet seharian, insyallah, eloklah kesihatan kita hendaknya. X payah la nak beli ubat mahal2 yg byk bahan kimia tu, org yahudi suka la, pasal semua ubat ubatan tu depa yg cipta. Untung la derang kan... Pilih cara hidup sihat, amalkan cara hidup Islam, insyaallah selamat...

cawan said...

Product mcm ageLOC Skin Care ni betoi2 wujud ker?

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andriana diego said...

We stumbled over here from a different web page and thought I might check things out.
We’ve always promised to protect the things that are the most important to them: their assets, their peace of mind and even their dreams, La sélection alternative de la semaine #23? : en français, le symbole pour « numéro » est « N° ». Pourquoi ne pas l’utiliser, au lieu du croisillon anglosaxon ?
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