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Sunday, October 16, 2011

QuestNet - Rwanda/Afrika Lagi Maju Dari Malaya? Menakjubkan!

Pernah dengar tentang benua Afrika dik? Masa sekolah dulu ada belajar geografi kan? Mamat dan Minahnya semua hitam-legam, rambut kerinting dan kurus-kering... kecuali part Afrika yang Arab kat Utara, dan yang omputeh pendatang yang merempit kat Selatan. Pernah pulak dengar negara Rwanda? You know, 15 tahun lepas kecoh pasal dia orang berbunuhan sampaikan lebih 20% rakyat Rwanda mati tergolek-dog. Sesaje rakyatnya takde keje, sedara-mara bunuh membunuh. Ini bukan kes macam Melayu-Cina berbunuhan kat Malaysia bang - ini kes sebagai contoh... orang Kelantan dan orang Kedah bergaduh sampai berlambak-lambak kaum-kerabat masing-masing kojol... sebab dendam kesumat antara dua puak (yang sama aje DNA nya)... gilos der!

Mende ni dipanggil "Rwandan Genocide" - berlaku selama lebih-kurang 100 hari (April ke Julai) dalam tahun 1994. Baru jek lagi tu. Dianggarkan 800,000 hingga 1,000,000 mati bergelimpangan di merata ceruk negara Rwanda. Asal kesahnya - ada dua pihak (dua-dua hitam, dua-dua rupa sama... what the hell?) - Hutu dan Tutsi. Kaum Tutsi adalah minoriti tapi telah memerintah Rwanda sejak berkurun dulu, tapi kaum Hutu dalam tahun 60-an telah berjaya merampas kuasa... dan sampai tahun-tahun 80-an, masih berdendam dengan geng Tutsi.

Pada 1990, kaum Tutsi yang telah lama menjadi pelarian di Uganda (Rwandan Patriotic Front - RPF), masuk semula menyerang utara Rwanda untuk cuba mengalahkan kaum Hutu, dan bermulalah perang saudara di antara kaum Hutu (yang disokong oleh banyak negara Afrika dan Perancis) dan kaum Tutsi (yang disokong oleh Uganda). Kaum Hutu mewar-warkan ideologi bahawa kaum Tutsi ingin menjadikan Hutu sebagai hamba-sahaya mereka forever - maka pembunuhan sket-sket berlaku selama 2-3 tahun, sehinggalah berlaku assasinasi Juvénal Habyarimana (Presiden Rwanda) and Cyprien Ntaryamira (Presiden Burundi - tak pasal-pasal mamat ni kena) pada tahun 1994, bila mana kapal-terbang yang mereka naiki ditembak jatuh semasa nak mendarat di Kigali, Rwanda. Then, all hell broke lose....

Pembunuhan beramai-ramai kaum Tutsi dan kaum Hutu (yang menyokong Tutsi) bermula dengan rancak, di mana senjata/bom/kenderaan yang digunakan oleh militia Hutu dibekalkan sendiri oleh kerajaan Rwanda pada masa itu - dan ianya disokong terang-terangkan oleh pihak kerajaan dan media massa kerajaan - TV dan radio siap mengapi-apikan rakyat untuk membelasah/membunuh kaum Tutsi tanpa belas-kasihan. It was a state-sponsored genocide - it was crazy! How stupid and cruel and deluded can human beings get to be, when things go haywire... and they stop thinking like a sane human being.

OK, OK... long story - Hollywood even made a movie out of it, remember HOTEL RWANDA (with Don Cheadle as the hotelier who tried to save thousands of Rwandan by sheltering them)? I do not care to recall much of it anymore, although I followed the news closely then... more than 15 years ago. I shed some tears then, even though these atrocities did not concern me or my country. I was a human being after all, in case you didn't notice. It hurt the soul to see humans killing each other for no good reason... ok, don't wanna elaborate... just leave it at that. Well, 15 years had passed and gone - Rwanda now is recovering and has stabilised... and hopefully things will get much better as time goes by.

Ekonomi Rwanda sekarang dah improved, dengan populasi rakyat yang kebanyakannya di kalangan golongan muda (20% dead can do that to your country). Teh dan kopi merupakan ekspot utama Rwanda sebagai sumber wang daripada sektor pertanian, dan sektor pelancungan kini telah menjadi punca utama kemasukan wang asing ke negara mereka (boleh tengok ribu-ribu tengkorak tersusun cantik erk?), di mana aktiviti pelancungan yang paling digemari adalah "gorilla-tracking" kat dalam hutan. Kalau dah sejuta orang mati sia-sia begitu sahaja, sanak-sedara sahabat-handai berlambak-lambak yang mati... aku rasa rakyat negara mana pun akan jadi insaf dan tak nak buat lagik kejadah yang sama. My point is... Rwanda ni negara yang tengah recover, rakyat ramai yang masih lagik miskin, ramai yang tak berpelajaran tinggi, dan banyak jugak rakyat yang bertungkus lumus kais-pagi-makan-pagi setiap hari untuk kasi anak-bini makan... masih merempat merangkak brader. RWANDA IS ONE OF THE POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TODAY.


About France 24 - The Observers

Declares Questnet illegal

NYARUGENGE - The National Bank of Rwanda’s (BNR) investigations into the business practices of Questnet have revealed that the company is operating a money swindling pyramid scheme and could be involved in money laundering, The New Times has learnt.

In an email sent to The New Times yesterday, the Central Bank said that Questnet is a pyramid scheme, which is collecting money from subscribers in Rwanda and sends it outside to companies called Park King Development and DBS Hong Kong using swift transfer. The Central Bank said its early investigations show that since January this year, Questnet has transferred a total of $500,000 (Rwf284 million) outside the country through illegitimate means.

The Hong Kong-based company has however insisted it is a direct selling entity that utilises network marketing to provide innovative products and business opportunities to its customers. According to BNR findings, the company uses multi-level marketing businesses, which sell real products like Bio-discs and small IT materials, which are imported via DHL.

“But the underlining objective is to recruit dealers and collect their enrolling fee,” said Angélique Kantengwa, Senior Director Financial Stability at BNR.

Kantengwa said that Questnet is a fraudulent company that is not licensed to operate business on Rwandan soil. She said that a successful pyramid scheme combines a fake, yet seemingly credible business with a simple-to-understand yet sophisticated money-making formula. According to the Central Bank, a weekly “interest” is paid to the member of Questnet who manage to bring two new recruits.

Katengwa said a certain amount of money is transferred to Park King Development and DBS Hong Kong on weekly basis. She added that the number of layers of the pyramid increases new recruits who find it harder and harder to sell the product because there are so many competing salesmen.

“Those near or at the top of the pyramid make a lot of money on their percentage of the enrolling fees and on commissions for the supplied products, but those at the bottom are left with inventories of products they can’t sell.”

“These schemes exploit greed and gullibility. To enhance credibility, most such scams are well equipped with fake referrals, testimonials and information.”

The Central Bank says that amounts dwindle steeply down as the pyramid slopes.

However, Rajesh Rao, the company’s Public Relations Manager told The New Times recently that direct marketing through network marketing is not about signing up as many people as possible, but getting the product to the market.

This is the second time this year the Central Bank is warning the public to be cautious about the reappearance of pyramidal operations or get-rich-quick schemes in which people put their cash. On January 13, BNR issued a public warming about the illegal character of such schemes and on the risks run by promoters and people who agree to subscribe to those criminal activities.

“The National Bank of Rwanda calls upon the public to be cautious in order to avoid the risk of loosing their savings to criminals,” the BNR statement reads in part.

The bank said that the public must know that a pyramidal operation or a get rich quick is a fraudulent stratagem set up by individuals or a group of people with an aim of making money.

Though easy to understand, the pyramid scheme is still a sophisticated way of making money. Early this week, the Government of Rwanda banned the operations of questnet, one company which conducted its operations in Rwanda through independent representatives.

As a marketing company, questnet had a boast in its operations to have managed to cut across geographical boarders, race, tribes and religion as it created a global family of successful entrepreneurs.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Finance, questnet had failed to meet the required tax procedures expected from a registered company. The statement read that, “It shall be compulsory to register a company in the Registrar’s General Office.”

It further indicated that, “Any person who sets up a business or other activities that may be taxable is obliged to register with the tax administration within a period of seven days, from the beginning of operating the business, or activity, or the establishment of the company.”

Despite, the business operation measures set in place, the statement also stated that there were illegal transactions by questnet like, using the pyramid scheme or chain referral scheme to acquire more customers from the public.

Eventually, the collected revenue from the sold products is transferred in and out of the country in an uncontrolled and unsupervised manner by the Central Bank.For this reason, the National Bank of Rwanda sanctioned its closure. However, by this time many Rwandan’s had already been connived and trapped into questnet’s pyramid scheme. 

Lambert Ingabire, was a former member of questnet. He expressed his disappointment to ‘The New Times’ as he came to terms with counting his losses.

He wondered whether there was a way of getting a refund but he had already started doubting the whole questnet movement.

“I don’t know who the leader of the movement is; I just know the people who made me join,” Ingabire said. 

He said that the group entices someone into buying their wellness and lifestyle products, jewellery, and one famous Bio Disc that charges the body with the right frequencies and prevents diseases.

According to, after many years of research of Bio energy and water, Dr. Ian Lyon came up with an amazing discovery of a Scalar-energy producing product known as the Bio Disc. A Bio Disc is a circular glass disc of approximately 9centimetres in diameter which is made through Heat Fusion and Nano technology.

The disc is believed to eliminate and nullify the effects of man-made frequencies within the human body. It is also believed to increase the energy level of every single body cell to an ideal level.

“With all the hype about the Bio Disc, it was hard to resist joining questnet. They even said that it could protect your DNA from damage,” Ingabire added.

“One needed to part with USD 630 to buy a Bio-Disc or even more depending on the product you wanted in order to join,” Ingabire added.

With this sort of a mouth to mouth marketing based business, he added that “you had to get people buy products and be put on a commission based payment.

The whole idea of the disc improving one’s immune system, cleansing of blood and also acting as an anti-depressant was the catch.”

“I also can’t tell how many members we were because it had really been long since I went to any of their meetings.

I had sort of quit because some people were negative about it when they kept on saying that it may be satanic,” said Ingabire.

Many Christians had doubted this company with the excuse that people could no longer preach Christ’s gospel but rather the questnet Gospel.

Through the Pyramid scheme, people were required to try and convince more people to join in order to make more profits and in return, members spent a lot of their time and energy ensuring that everyone around them knows about questnet.

Rose Kitakufe, a Ugandan questnet representative during a phone interview with ‘The New Times’said that she already makes good money through the business.She was even selected as one of the representatives to go to Kenya some time back to lure more people into the business.

Kitakufe assured that questnet is not a pyramid scheme as long as there are products sold to maintain the smooth running of the company.

“A pyramid scheme only fails at some point because of lack of trade in te movement and the lack of ways of generating more money,” she assured.

She further added that questnet is not bound to fail since their products are medically proven and have proved the test of time. For this reason Kitakufe said that QusetNet was genuine and hence many people are purchasing the products.

Despite all the various reasons given for questnet’s dealings, the Ministry of Finance’s statement confirmed that the chain referral earns commissions that are not declared in accordance with tax laws of the Republic of Rwanda.

The recent blacklisting of questnet as a pyramid scheme was a wake up call; like our mothers told us “if something looks too good to be true, then don’t fall for it.” Some of us didn’t heed that advice and bought into this; some Rwandans have a “get rich quick” mentality that is too easy to exploit.

We are a booming nation where some are getting rich off hard work but others want a short cut; and the pyramid scheme is geared to that. The pyramid scheme has existed in various guises and is always being perfected to appeal to new customers.

Pyramid schemes take the form of various scams; such as “gifting circles” a hybrid of the scheme aimed at women – they can have good causes such as “helping women” with a portion of the scam money supposedly going to charity.

These gifting circles are nothing more than the classic pyramid where more people are brought in to pay the dividends for older clients. Sometimes cheap products like Aloe Vera are sold at extortionate prices with an elaborate sales pitch and marketing; so products worth $10 can be sold for $100 and customers are encouraged to sell on the products to other customers and the pyramid continues.

We have a number of legal measures to block such schemes but nothing can replace pure common sense; there is no such thing as something for nothing.

Even in America the disgraced Bernie Maddof redefined the Ponzi scheme for the 21st century with an elaborate pyramid that tricked even educated people.

Among his numerous victims was a professor of economics who should have known better; but even he was blinded by the lights and forgot his senses.

We have all received that email from the Nigerian Prince, whose father was a chief but recently died and left him $5,000,000 but due to a technicality the money is held up and all they need is the inheritance tax of 1% or $5,000 and you’ll get $20,000 as a personal thank you.

This sounds ridiculous but millions fall for this trick every year and the 401 is supposedly Nigeria’s second forex earner after oil, grossing over $1 billion.

It all comes down to common sense, patience, hard work – that is how you succeed because easy money goes as quickly as you earned it. The misery that pyramid schemes cause is terrible, they destroy families – Nairobi and Kampala in the early 90’s saw a rash of pyramid schemes that bankrupted a section of the middle-class.

Even after people had supposedly learned their lesson, the pyramid scheme evolved into something new and scammed again.

The pyramid scheme is successful because it mixes the two things that people crave; power and money. The man at the top of the pyramid has tremendous power and will benefit the most while lower minions will pay the price; it feeds on a need to suddenly change ones circumstances by getting rich all the time.

We have to understand that money is not the solution to our problems; our problems go deeper than that, they are in our character and habits we keep and not the money we have.

You would be better off to invest in a cooperative; bank or generally something producing tangible profits and not unsustainable pyramids.

The police and government will do their best but it falls on our shoulders to be alert; just remember what your mother said “if it looks too good to be true…

Tuesday August 4, 2009
Questnet Banned
By: John Gahamanyi

James Musoni

NYARUGENGE - The government has banned the operations of a controversial company Questnet, in Rwanda. According to a ministry of Finance and Economic Planning statement released last evening, the business practices of Questnet contravene the companies and tax laws.

The directive follows a National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) declaration that the company was operating under a shadowy pyramid scheme. The company describes itself as a direct marketing entity that uses network marketing but BNR last week revealed that questnet could also be involved in money laundering.

Citing article 4 of the Companies Act, the statement goes on to reveal that it is compulsory to register a company in the Registrar General’s office. The company says it conducts its business operations in Rwanda through Independent Representatives (IRs) and its eCommerce based business model that does not need a physical office.

“Any person who sets up a business or other activities that may be taxable is obliged to register with the tax administration within a period of seven (7) days from the beginning of the business or activity or establishment of the company,.” reads the statement citing article 10 of the law on taxation.

According to the statement, pursuant to article 9 of the law on direct tax on income a resident tax payer is liable to income tax per the tax period from all domestic sources and foreign sources.

“Basing on the provision of the laws cited above and in order to protect and safeguard interests of the public, the Government of the Republic of Rwanda hereby instruct questnet and its representatives to stop immediately all its activities in the Republic of Rwanda,” read the statement signed by James Musoni, the Minister of Finance. 

He added that questnet was using illegal commercial transactions through its representatives in the country which consists of enticing the public to buy their products, including skin and body care products, telecommunication solutions, watches and jewelry, and using the pyramid or chain referral scheme in acquiring more customers from the public.

The closure comes at a time the Hong Kong-based company had told The New Times that it was planning to open shop in Rwanda.

However, the ministry said that it has realized that the marketing and advertising techniques used by questnet lead to individuals contributing their meager resources expecting to earn more profits and in the end lose what they have contributed, thereby destabilizing their families economic status and welfare.

Government says that the collected money from the sold products is transferred out of the country in uncontrolled and unsupervised manner.

Komentar Aidid Mu'addib: 

Tahu apa keje "Africa Center For Apologetics Research"? Itu badan agama kristian seluruh Afrika yang berusaha untuk mengawal dan mengelak ajaran sesat kristian - itu badan dakwah kristian tu beb. Korang ingat geng tabligh aje yang sebok berdakwah? Orang kristian pun sama jek. Just in case ada yang merangkak baca omputeh, sinopsis cerita kat atas tu mengatakan bahawa ada syarikat kepundekan daripada Hong Kong tengah bertungkus-lumus mengencing rakyat negara-negara di Afrika - jual produk kejadah satu sen tarak guna dengan kaedah perniagaan skim piramid, dan setakat berita-berita di atas tu keluar, dah berpuluh atau mungkin ratusan ribu rakyat Rwanda dan lain-lain negara Afrika dah kerugian berjuta-juta dollar/pound/franc/hengget... masuk akaun kepalapundek scammer Vijay Eswaran, CEO QuestNet.

Itu badan agama kristian tu bang - aku ulangi sekali lagik - KRISTIAN. Cerita kat atas tu bukan cerita pasal QuestNote atau QuestShit atau QNak atau FuckNet... tapi QUESTNET. QuestNet yang sama, yang di kala ini tengah berkeliaran di kalangan rakyat meleis, mengelentong rakyat marhaen kiri-kanan-atas-bawah. Sama aje plan pemasarannya, sama aje produk Bio-Disc dan Chi Pendant (asas sainsnya yang sentiasa kasi aku ketawa gilabab... lucu seh!). Modus operandinya kat Afrika sama aje dengan modus operandinya kat Malaya - QuestNet sentiasa menujukan scam ni pada YANG MISKIN DAN YANG DUNGUPIANG di mana-mana negara dia orang masuk - sebab si miskin akan leleh dengan janji kekayaan skim piramid, dan yang dungupiaaaang tidak akan perasan yang dia dah kena kencing buta-buta dengan produk berdasarkan sains yang tak pernah wujud dalam sejarah manusia. You understand or no understand boy?





akuatik said...

ntah bilalah nak diharamkan questnet..harap collapse sendiri ja la... kalau nak tunggu tindakan memang susah... ac mizal sampai la ni pun ntah2 sedang disiasat lagi... tapi sadis betul tengok derang menipu orang melayu...

Nizam said...

penat explain tapi ramai lagi melayu bebal pegi join skim mcm ni.haiyooo!

Side Daun said...

aiyoyo.. Malaya lagi ketinggalan dari Rwanda..

zulfadhlimansor said...

hanya ilmu pasal kedurjanaa mlm yg melindung kita dari semua ini

Ibnu Ahmad said...

makin lama makin hilang respek orang kebanyakan kepada ustaz2.. bila duit jadi matlamat..

kerajaan malaya???.. boleh berharap jer la..

mat ezat said...

yes.. Caranya.. 20% rakyat malaysia perlu jd mangsa qnet.. Baru cerdik sket.. Hahhahaha

Mr Freak said...

rakyat negara yang cakap
"eat the poo poo" pon paham
kejadahnya scam nih..

pakai ketayap tak semestinya
tau agame..duit depan mata
bang, mana nak heran orang
cakap..bila dah kena batang
idung, baru angkat ketayap
garu kepala..time tu baru ok..

"eat the poo poo" la meleis..

Rojak Punya said...

dah banyak pendedahan qnet ni memang confirm SCAM. yang masih jadi dungupiang mlm qnet tu tolonglah jangan jadi dungupiang lagi. ustaz2 dungupiang tolonglah berenti jadi dungupiang. dah habis baik dah bahasa aku ni so kalau taknak berenti jadi qnet scammer memang dungupiang gilababi!

Rojak Punya

first (nama dulu) kebun getah (sekarang) said... ten tu..btw, rwanda..negara yg pnah haruk pikuk sebab massacre suatu masa dulu pon boleh nampak benda ni...ummmm

Rose said...

asskramm got his wish. AM dah korek dan expose banyak cerita Qnet. Vijayjay must be so proud of you, Asss. Congrats.

Metafora said...

rwanda lg maju dari segi akhlak tu dol..malaysia? tgk muda mudi pun dah tau..penjahanam negara...kera-jaan? sibuk nk penuhkan poket sendiri..demfakk!! woi kera-jaan! haramkanlah semua MLM demfak kat malaysia nih doh!! fakkk!!

nurfauzi said...

Seriously, aku tak faham mcm mana kerajaan boleh bagi syarikat macam ni beroperasi. Entah apa2 ekonomi Malaysia ni.

Neotoxin said...

gomen nak duit cukai dari questnet sebab tu xmo haramkan...

tapi still vodo sebab tak fikir kesan jangka seerhana dan panjangnya... ngok ngek

Saya said...

sekarang.. nama aidid muaddib mesti dah didengar dalam meeting questnet. dan Dato' Vijay "I'm a fucking head scammer" pun dah pandai bukak blogspot baca post aidid.

Bravo aidid. harapnya pemimpin kerajaan Malaysia pun baca blog nie. biar terbuka sikit minda.

sapa ada FB PM najib, pi advertise kat dia sat.

Polis Karma said...

KPDNKK ape kesah. Moto depa:

Lu byr bwh meja, wa tutup sblh mata...

menusuk hati said...

asskaram,mesti kau tengah malu kan..tercirit di khalayak ramai.tak payah coverlah.dah busuk macam taik babi dah tu..

Sicher said...

Even though they used to kill each other, Rwandans are united against this 'cult' called QuestNet. Wow, even Christians are concerned about this cult.

Chi pendant, huh?

Burjacks said...

hohoho serang lagi banyak2 bro... kasi panas bontot depa...tabik...

corona said...

Assalamualaikum bro Aidid,

Banyak info yang telah anda berikan dan dedahkan. Weird, I have seen people fighting desperately telling this business model (pyramid scheme) is the best method to get money easily. Yeah right.. tipu org sana-sini sampai org bankrupt dan bergaduh.. Saya sokong En. Aidid dgn usaha anda ni. Semoga suatu hari org akan sedar untuk mendapat kekayaan tiada jalan pintas.

cek chun said...

besok masak la ko ariff kena bantai kat meeting Qnet tu.
jangan lupa datang lak.
mesti big boss nak ucap tahniah kat lu.

Hell`s Angel said...

*masih hairan dengan so called useretards yang dok ada*. Mengaji apa depa ni ye? Common sense tarak ka?

Nudabuffy said...

"Many Christians had doubted this company with the excuse that people could no longer preach Christ’s gospel but rather the questnet Gospel."

Ustaz & Ustazah kita macam mana ya?

Siam Mari said...

man asskram aka ariff????? mana lu sudah hilang??

wolfe_csi05 said...

Cetak besar2...full color..tampal kat pintu masuk Amcorp Mall tu...

kucing zombie said...

asscramp said : sori la aku tak dapat reply komen korang. Aku tengah butthurt ni. Kena minta upline aku belikan butt cream banyak2..

pomenpokokceri said...

ini lah melayu..nak kata buata kayu dan buta IT..masing masing dok hebak sunggoh bawak ipad, galaxy tab, i phone..boleh online dimana mana..even bengkel pokok ceri aku pon ada wifi lagi..tapi still tak nak manfaatkan kemudahan utk buat kajian, tgk dulu reputasi sykt seblum joinT..kelalar betul..

benda hamjadah ni la yg akan jadi kanser dalam ekonomi melayu..bangsa asing dah makin conquer eknomi melalui real melalui dok asyik deangan what so called "bussienss"..dapat pakai beemmer pon kira kaya..pffft wut da fish..

negara malaysia ni banyak logi bidang bisness yang berpotensi.... tapi still jadi buta akibat skim bodoh nih

: kalu biol dish ni kasi gosok kat dahi baru naik sikit IQ dan EQ kot

hyelbaine said...

It's amazing how pathetic we are when a country that has only started to realize it's potential only a decade or so ago can make such a intelligent move. We're living in a country ran by bigots, idiots and many other "ots" ending words.

ahin2960 said...


aku mmg bengang gile Qnet kejadah ni. Memula buat biodisc. Pastu jual VOIP plak dan fail. Brader yang aku kenal jual biodisc ni pon gua rasa tgh sakit kat umah. Tak bleh pon biodisc tu kasi sembuh.

Meleis, why aaa? you so dumb stupid to believe such stupid EXPENSIVE disc? Siap close customer suruh beli dua bijik lak tu.

Pakcik yang dah nak potong kaki, dah nak buat tapak untuk dialisis disuruh beli menatang haramjadah ni. Kalu 4 hengget takpe jugak. Beribu woi. Kesian kat diorang.

pomenpokokceri said...

easy money dengan menjual impian kepada org yang terdesak..dgn alasan .."abang tak cuba mana nak tau berkesan"...

lepas tu pandai pulak sebut insyaallah...

pfftt lahanat sungguh

jag said...

menda alah kt sini sama ka ka dgn bioldisc qnet? kot2 ada geng qnet yg tabsub bleh beli timbang kilo klu mau..

kalu sama jenis awat ghega nmpk beza jauh, kalau wat meniaga ni mau kaya melana bleh pi hj balik hari ni

kucing zombie said...

fffffuuuuuu.... kat website tu jual pack of 20 $699.99 jer? bleh beli sekilo letak dalam tangki minyak kete aku.. mesti jimat minyak gila.. hahahaha...

ska said...

sorry tertinggal..

malam ni kan AssWipe ajak jumpe?

Oonmachine said...


Hi nama saya Ahmad. Ada kawan saya cakap MLM ni x di banned di Malaysia kerana ianya menguntungkan pihak kerajaan. Betul ke x.. bleh kasi penerangan?

BegCanteq2 said...

aidid, anda sgt tabah, ahkak pun kesian tgk melayu tipu melayu. duit menagtasi segalanya, nak cepat kaya, nak cepat bawak beemer, nak pakai hi end nya branded bags, hoho

TheBentPencil said...

kadang-kadang ilmu agama tu tak dapat melindungi kita daripada kekhilafan, lagi2 kalau dia berkenaan dengan ilmu dalam bidang lain yang dia tak mahir.

contoh, satu cerita saya baca dlm blog agama--pasal sorg akak ni yg alim dan tahu serba serbi pasal agama, lulusan agama gitu. tapi satu slek, dia tak tahu masak. maka dia baca buku resipi dan try out some dishes, nak kasi makan suami supaya suami sayang lebhi tak cari lain. boleh jadi bidadari kat syurga ye dak? Haha

tetibe bila dishes dah siap, sedara dia cakap "ehh!! you guna ingredient xxxxx ini ke? you, ni HARAM la!"

ah sudah. nasib baik tak serve kat suami. maunya daripada nak cari berkat rumahtangga, jadi isteri yg berdosa kerana kejahilan ilmu rumahtangga. adui!

moral here? agama bukan hanya satunya pendidikan yang wajib dalam hidup. kalau nak jadi isteri, belajar ilmu rumahtangga dulu, begitulah kalau nak berniaga, belajar la ekonomi dulu.

ps. aidid, cuba baca pasal pergaduhan dayak dan madura kat indon dlu. teringat kes rwanda ni gak, cuma part potong2 kepala bergelimpangan tu yg horror lebih. similar reasoning--orang serumpun sama kaler sama bahasa kebangsaan--tapi nak gak berperangan sama sendiri.

MZIskandar said...

Dah 3 hari.. masa dah time. Mungkin gak ikut tempoh 3 hari bekerja.. Citer nie pernah ada dulu2..

Tuesday May 6, 2008
Malaysian held for alleged fraud

CHENNAI: A high-flying Malaysian woman entrepreneur, who is the managing director of a multilevel marketing company here, has been detained by police for alleged fraud.

The police have also despatched an All-Points Bulletin (APB) to locate the founder of the company, believed to be a Malaysian Datuk, to facilitate investigations into the case.

Deputy Commissioner of Police G. Sampath Kumar said the 45-year-old woman was picked up on Sunday night after police received numerous complaints from investors against the company, QuestNet.

He said police sealed the company premises here and also detained the woman’s seven employees.

“Initial investigations revealed that the company had allegedly failed to keep its promise to pay returns to those who invested in it.

“We have received 1,837 complaints against QuestNet so far, not only from Chennai but also from other parts of Tamil Nadu and Andhara Pradesh as well,” he said yesterday.

Sampath said the police had registered a case against the Datuk.

“We have placed him as the number one suspect,” he added.

An assortment of gold coins weighing 87kg and silver coins weighing 889kg, watches and mobile phones worth millions of ringgit were seized from the company premises located here.

Sampath also said Chennai police wanted to contact Datuk Vijay Eswaran of the QI Group, whose headquarters is in Hong Kong, to assist in investigations into the case. – Bernama


Sesaper yg teringin nak terjebak.. baca dulu guidelines AJLSAP 93 (Akta Jualan Langsung & Skim Anti Piramid).

izzNatta said...

Dah masuk the Star online dah.... lagi Glam tuhhh... nak bukti ape lagi eikkk... nak tunggu sampai HQ kena rush kot

Fitrix said...


Ya mungkin betul.Syarikat MLM ni byr cukai dan mungkin duit bwh meja kepada kerajaan sebab itu la ia masih berleluasa.

Kalau dh kantoi dan crash senang je.Tukar nama syarikat dan mohon lesen baru.

Dan ada jugak upline teratas syarikat MLM ni adalah ahli politik dan kaum kerabat.Mengamuk diaorg ni kalau MLM diharamkan.Mungkin blh jadi perang.

Kesimpulannya jgn hrp kerajaan nk hrm sebab kerajaan pun ada kepentingan tersendiri dlm MLM ni.Yg blh dibuat skrg adalah trus mendidik sesiapa yg masih x tau lg psl MLM ni mcm Tuan Aidid

abu adam said...

Found this...

Mohd Jalizan Ibrahim said...

puak puak dia org ni, andainya Allah hidupkan semula para sahabat dan turun kebumi nasihat dia org psl benda alah ni scam , pun dia org ttp tak peduli ...
Hidup dah berkiblatkan duit

MC NeroN said...

Bro Aidid,

Semoga bro sihat sejahtera selalu. Maaf ya, izinkan saya off-topic sebentar. Dikala Bro Aidid masih busy berperang dengan QuestNet, satu bijik MLM ni telah mengorak langkah dengan mencermakan kemuliaan masjid dengan menjual produk-produk MLM mereka kepada pihak masjid.

Quote dari fb page Steady Dynasty Sdn Bhd
"Berita baik untuk warga steady dynasty!! Mc ocean telah mengorak langkah maju kehadapan dengan mempromosikan produk2 ke 10 cawangan masjid sekitar Kl termasuk masjid negara!!"

fb page:

Yang tak kenal dengan Steady Dynasty, ni adalah bekas dari kumpulan MLM DCHL yang mempunyai modus operandi seperti Steven Yeam Network. (Beli pangkat RM30k++, produk mahal gilabab)

Semoga Bro Aidid dan semua warga SNTM boleh membantu memerangi Steady Dynasty Sdn Bhd yang semakin menular terutamanya di bumi Borneo ini. Aku sungguh sedih melihat terutamanya warga2 tua ditipu oleh scammers MLM ini yang terdiri daripada kaum Bumiputera sendiri (tetapi kepalanya Cha-ya-nun-alif).

SupportAidid!! Aidid!! said...

betul ke apa yang saya baca dalam blog ni??
ke kencing semua ni???

Puan Jamilah bt Hashim said...
please check this..there a getting explode...focus a...same like score a

azkramm said...

Awas biodisc tiruan palsu dari China dan dijual dengan harga murah dan borong di, (website China), wholesale-pendant dan sebagainya. Rekod jualan mereka menunjukkan ia dijual mulai Jun 2011 sedangkan QNET (dulu Questnet) telah mula memasarkan biodisc sejak 2006 (lihat tahun pengesahan pada sijil Prognos, Germany).
Oleh kerana biodisc telah popular dan mendapat permintaan yang tinggi di pasaran, maka ada pihak-pihak yang mengambil kesempatan mengaut keuntungan cara mudah iaitu dengan meniru. Tak susah bagi mereka untuk tiru sebab ia cuma sekeping kaca, tapi apa ada di dalam kaca? Biodisc original QNET telah terbukti berkesan dengan banyak testimoni yang terkumpul, sama ada didokumenkan atau tidak. Jadi terpulang kepada anda. Kalau nak murah belilah di ebay tapi tak tahulah saya, dimampatkan dengan 13 jenis mineral semulajadi atau tidak di dalamnya. Tapi ia memang confirm palsu, ciplak atau tiruan. Tak percaya anda emel lah pada mereka tanya siapa yang cipta biodisc mereka dan ada tak testimoni dan pensijilan mereka.
Ia dijual murah kononnya sebab bukan MLM. Untuk makluman anda, kebanyakan yang beli biodisc bukan untuk MLM tapi untuk mengubati penyakit yang dideritai mereka. Setakat ini alhamdulillah, tidak mengecewakan malah menakjubkan dan unbelieveable. Ada juga yang mengutuk dan tidak percaya dengan mengatakan stupid, bodoh, bangang dan sebagainya. Tapi kebanyakannya takde "kote" (sori dah geram juga) sebab tak berani perkenalkan diri, baling batu sembunyi tangan...penakut nak mampus.

Anonymous said...

ko toksah merapu lagi lar badigol azkramm..ko punya ponzi scheme bakal lingkup tak lama lagi..piring2 alien ko tu banyak masuk website jualan lelong pasal tak laku jual directly..macam filter air penipu Hai-O jugak..aku akan terus kacau website KPDNKK sampai berasap lubang bontot sehingga ko lingkup. dasar pelingkup bangsa sendiri!

nurfauzi said...

Siapa penakut?
Profil tak tulis apa. Email takda. Blog takda.
Jangan sembang kata orang penakut.

Kau ingat kau punya sorang geram?
Orang lain lagi ramai geram dengan perangai tak reti bahasa mu nih.

Nina said...

incik juborcramp, kata biodisk boleh rawat kanser tahap 3,kan? kan? tak nak tolong ke azean irdawaty ni ha? suruh la dia quit chemo pastu fokus dekat biodisk aje.. jimat jugak duit dia,tak payah mintak derma sumbangan ek.. korang pon dapat rep ++

kekacakan said...

bodoh benar ko punya statement...
berapa ramai orang Melayu Islam la ko dah tipu duit dia pakai disk bodoh tahap sampah kau tu....

p/s: tunggul kayu pun tak bodoh cam kau hahahaha