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Friday, October 7, 2011

QuestNet - AssKramm Mintak Bongkar Lagik... Okeh Dol!


Berita daripada serata dunia...
(yang mana manusia yang waras akan akui bahawa QNet memang haramjadah)
Declares Questnet illegal
NYARUGENGE - The National Bank of Rwanda’s (BNR) investigations into the business practices of Questnet have revealed that the company is operating a money swindling pyramid scheme and could be involved in money laundering, The New Times has learnt.
In an email sent to The New Times yesterday, the Central Bank said that Questnet is a pyramid scheme, which is collecting money from subscribers in Rwanda and sends it outside to companies called Park King Development and DBS Hong Kong using swift transfer. The Central Bank said its early investigations show that since January this year, Questnet has transferred a total of $500,000 (Rwf284 million) outside the country through illegitimate means.
The Hong Kong-based company has however insisted it is a direct selling entity that utilises network marketing to provide innovative products and business opportunities to its customers. According to BNR findings, the company uses multi-level marketing businesses, which sell real products like Bio-discs and small IT materials, which are imported via DHL.
“But the underlining objective is to recruit dealers and collect their enrolling fee,” said Angélique Kantengwa, Senior Director Financial Stability at BNR.
Kantengwa said that Questnet is a fraudulent company that is not licensed to operate business on Rwandan soil. She said that a successful pyramid scheme combines a fake, yet seemingly credible business with a simple-to-understand yet sophisticated money-making formula. According to the Central Bank, a weekly “interest” is paid to the member of Questnet who manage to bring two new recruits.
Katengwa said a certain amount of money is transferred to Park King Development and DBS Hong Kong on weekly basis. She added that the number of layers of the pyramid increases new recruits who find it harder and harder to sell the product because there are so many competing salesmen.
“Those near or at the top of the pyramid make a lot of money on their percentage of the enrolling fees and on commissions for the supplied products, but those at the bottom are left with inventories of products they can’t sell.”
“These schemes exploit greed and gullibility. To enhance credibility, most such scams are well equipped with fake referrals, testimonials and information.”

The Central Bank says that amounts dwindle steeply down as the pyramid slopes.
However, Rajesh Rao, the company’s Public Relations Manager told The New Times recently that direct marketing through network marketing is not about signing up as many people as possible, but getting the product to the market.
This is the second time this year the Central Bank is warning the public to be cautious about the reappearance of pyramidal operations or get-rich-quick schemes in which people put their cash. On January 13, BNR issued a public warming about the illegal character of such schemes and on the risks run by promoters and people who agree to subscribe to those criminal activities.
“The National Bank of Rwanda calls upon the public to be cautious in order to avoid the risk of loosing their savings to criminals,” the BNR statement reads in part.
The bank said that the public must know that a pyramidal operation or a get rich quick is a fraudulent stratagem set up by individuals or a group of people with an aim of making money.

Crippled by decades of war, the government of Afghanistan has little or no power to stop illegal or questionable enterprises. Now a classic investment swindle has entagled thousands of Afghans hoping for a brighter future. Gregory Warner reports.

KAI RYSSDAL: The U.S. State Department said today record poppy harvests in southern Afghanistan are giving the Taliban more money to work with. The crop translated into $4 billion worth of opium, the raw ingredient for heroin. The Afghan government officially opposes the opium trade. But illegal or otherwise, it's nearly impossible for the government there to shut down a questionable enterprise. The World Bank says Afghanistan has fewer protections for business investors than any other country in the world - which has made the country a magnet for scammers large and small. Gregory Warner reports.
GREGORY WARNER: It seemed too good to be true: Mahbub was 28, with his third baby, and a dead end-job in Kabul. And then he got a phone call from a trusted friend, with a job offer. The deal was this: If Mahbub would agree to buy a gold coin off a Web site, sold for about five times its value, then, they told him, he could make money if he got his friends to buy the coin.
WARNER: You mean, your best friend?
MAHBUB: Yes! Just bring your best friend!
And again when his friends signed up their friends. It's the definition of a pyramid scheme when your business income depends only on signing up new employees. Such schemes always run out of joiners. But Mahbub saw his big chance. So he borrowed $1,800 - 15 months' worth of salary - and he bought the coin. Then he called up his best friend and his favorite cousin.
In this way, a shady Internet outfit known as Quest Net, based in Hong Kong and illegal in many countries, has wooed 28,000 Afghans in two years. The appeal might be more than quick cash. Quest Net is not just not only about money in Afghanistan.
Wesal Zaman used to be a translator for the L.A. Times - one of the best paid jobs a young Afghan can have. He quit to devote himself to Quest Net.
WESAL ZAMAN: Because people do make money. But besides money, they learn how to talk, how to speak, how to love.
WARNER: How to love?
ZAMAN: How to love - not love girls! I mean love each other!
Zaman is full of slogans about positive thinking and teamwork -- techniques the company uses to obscure the fact that you're taking money from your friends and redistributing it upwards.
ZAMAN: They all believe that Afghanistan can be built, and they're the ones who are doing it.
Quest Net scammed thousands in Sri Lanka and Iran before the governments there stopped it. But when, earlier this month, Afghan President Hamid Karzai announced he was banning the business, Kabul exploded.
KABUL CROWD: Qwest Qwest Qwest Woo woo woo!
It's a chilly Sunday morning, and over a thousand young men are rallying in front of the presidential palace. The crowd is Western dressed, clean shaven. More Yankees hats than turbans here.
JAMI: We have vision! Our vision is a bright Afghanistan!
All the guys here bought the coin. If Quest stops now, they lose. So they wave signs that say: Fight corruption, not internet technology. They shout: Quest zindagee!
JAMI: Quest is life.
WARNER: Quest zindagee?
JAMI: Yes. Quest is life.
Quest, the Hong Kong-based company, is dignity, they shout. Quest is freedom. Qwest is service. Quest gives us hope for the future, says one boy, that our government doesn't.
The rally didn't work -- the government stuck to the ban. But the mood at Quest headquarters was victorious. In a room with fake flowers and commemorative coin posters, I watched young men in shiny suits nail up a big Quest Net banner for the local media.
Then they assembled on the couch in front of the microphones, like some new political party. Wesal Zaman is here. He says he's not going to stop the work.
ZAMAN: The government say what they say. We do what we do. We believe in what we do.
Though there is one group that seems able to stop Quest. When Zaman's friends came south to recruit in Kandahar, the Taliban left a letter on their door. It said: Get out, or we'll kill you. And the "businessmen" quickly retreated.
[03 Mar 2009 18:13]

Baku. Hafiz Heydarov - APA. “Some representatives of QuestNet in Azerbaijan deceived people,” chief manager of QuestNet for e-trade Volf Diiambor told the press conference in Baku, APA reports. 

Volf Diiambor noted that QuestNet operated in 160 countries and said the company was represented in Azerbaijan by the agency.

“The company’s representatives in Azerbaijan gave false information to people. We call people to join us consciously, while they deceived people and gave false information about the company. As far as I know some persons in Azerbaijan faked my documents,” he said.

Volf Diiambor said they decided to open a representation in Azerbaijan to change inaccurate impression about the company and added that they had started talks with the relevant bodies. Diiambor said he had been in Azerbaijani Interior Ministry and met with the detainees.

“The investigation will find out what crimes the detainees have committed. A large company should not be spotted because of some men. Our activity in Azerbaijan is quite legal,” he said.

Representative of QuestNet for Turkey, Central Asia and Azerbaijan Hanifi Ishgoren also accused the company’s representatives of deceiving people and giving false information in Azerbaijan.

“When I came to Baku I saw that people thought differently of QuestNet. It is impossible to earn millions immediately. Our representatives here gave false information to people,” he said.

Lawyer of the company Natig Abdullayev said that arrested men had not any guilt.

“Therefore 37 of 41 arrested men have been released,” he said. 

Abdullayev said that 6 officials of the company were arrested and two of them had been detained recently. 

“Our production has been confiscated in connection with operations carried out by Interior Ministry’s Department Combating Organized Crimes. Therefore we could not give production to the citizens. The company will give over 800 productions to citizens soon,” he said. 

The criminal group introduced itself as QuestNet Company extended its activity in the capital and other regions of the country promising the employment opportunities to citizens an involving the young people in the sale of jewelries. They sold goldsmith pieces for 800 -1500 USD, higher than its real prices. 

They extended their network on the basis of geometrical cycle, encouraging people with the workshops organized in their offices and promising to the active participants a place of marketing manager. They spent money receiving from the citizens to own high salaries, office rent and other communal expenditures.

The investigation showed that Azerbaijani manager of Hong Kong-based QuestNet Company Valeh Agayev, 42, organized the sale of jewelries to 5100 of 20 000 victims of a crime and nearly 15 000 citizens got left with promises of presents and employment.

Agayev brought the jewelries at the cost of 5-96 USD to Baku and distributed it among the citizens receiving payment in advance. Insignificant part of money was transferred to the account in Hong Kong bank and spent to purchase of cheap jewelries in Germany, but most part of the collected money was robbed turning in cash via electronic card.

41 people working at the sale centers of the company were detained. Valeh Agayev and his three aides were arrested. A criminal case was launched on article 178.3.1 (swindle by organized group) of the Criminal Code and the fact is under the investigation.

The Interior Ministry warned the citizens not to believe in encouraging promises, to be more vigilant and to inform the law-enforcement bodies about the illegal cases they face.

Fraud Quest Net (Times of India 7th jan 2009)
Cops probe complaints of fraud in investment scheme

Pune: The Pune police are investigating a complaint made by at least 10 people in the city against a Chennai-based company, Quest Net, for allegedly duping them under its ‘Gold Quest’ scheme. The complainants alleged that more investors have been similarly cheated and the amount could run into crores. 

“We have received a complaint, and the case will be registered with the economic offences wing (EOW) of the city police. The deputy commissioner of the EOW has been directed to take immediate action,” additional commissioner (crime) Rajinder Singh told TOI on Tuesday. 

Rajendra Dahale, DCP (EOW), said, “We will appoint an officer to investigate the case. We will record the statements of the complainants and accordingly the case will be registered.”

Promising exponential gains in just two years, the company distributed coins claiming that they were rare numismatic products (gold coins, silver coins and precious metal medallions) and lured people for higher gains, said Gaurav Somani, one of the investors in the scheme. 

“We came to know about the fraud when some of the agents of the company operating in Sangli were arrested in the last week of December for duping people,” said Somani, who is into the construction business. 

“Later, we discovered that the Chennai police had frozen the assets of the company on May 28,” he told TOI. Elaborating on how they fell prey to the scheme, Girish Rathod, an MBA student, said two agents of the company were operating in Pune.


16 May, 2007 12:45:42

Sri Lanka warned to be vigilant against pyramid schemes following arrest of Goldquest leaders

May 16, 2007 (LBO) – An international anti-pyramiding activist has called on Sri Lanka to be vigilant against multi-level marketing schemes that can invade the country following the arrest of top Goldquest operatives in Indonesia.

"Treasure Traders International and, more recently, Canadian Diamond Traders, are similar scams that are recruiting victims worldwide," Robert Fitzpatrick, head of the US-based Pyramid Scheme Alert told LBO.

"I hope that Sri Lanka can maintain its vigilance against these scams, despite their false claims about being legitimate 'sales' companies.

"These are not sales companies, but money transfer schemes that require a huge loss rate based on their designs."

Cult Sell

Some analysts have calculated the loss rate of the double-pyramid 'binary compensation' structure used by Goldquest to be as high as 98 percent, indicating that only 2 percent of the participants make money.

Its products are sold through intensive selling meetings where people are repeatedly given the same message until it is ingrained in their brains in a cult-like fashion.

Goldquest's Quest International (QI) group Chief Executive Vijayeswaran Vijayaratnam is said to be held in 'demi-god' status by his follows.

"Endless chain schemes have almost mystical power over people. They arouse hope, passion and confusion. They promise 'unlimited' income, an almost divine power," Fitzpatrick said in a presentation made when he visited Sri Lanka for a regional central bankers conference against pyramiding.

"Promoters can take on god-like authority and power, since they hold the reigns to this mystical power."

Classic Model

Goldquest's main website now goes as The firm claims to sell 'numismatics' but its main products are medals.

"Gold Quest claims to be an ordinary multilevel marketing program of the types that are operating openly in the USA and other countries," Fitzpatrick has said earlier on a notice posted at

"Its business model is a classic MLM program in which each new investor recruits others in an 'endless chain.'

"Little actual retail selling occurs. Each 'distributor' is also the 'customer'," he adds.

News reports from Indonesia said the firm had misused the image of former President Abdurrahman Wahid to recruit his followers into Goldquest schemes.

Previously images of religious leaders, the Pope, Mother Theresa as well as Benigno Aquino had been used to make medallions, which were then sold as 'coins'.

Goldquests activities have been banned in several countries, including, Bhutan, Nepal, and and its officials arrested.
Arrest Quest

Last week, the public face of the organization, Vijayeswaran Vijayaratnam, director Joseph Luis Tomacruz Bismark, and two other senior executives, Donna Marie Glen Imson and Tagumpay Pablo Perez Kintanar were arrested in Indonesia.

The Goldquest kingpins were believed to have been arrested following an MLM upliners' promotional conference called V-Jakarta. The scheme's top promoters are labelled the V-Team.

In 2003 Imson had been arrested in Nepal after conducting a promotional conference together with an Indian national, Tanbir Nijam, according to Nepalese media reports.

Chennai police have also previously arrested Goldquest officials.

The Indonesian arrests stemmed from an Interpol request on a warrant related to a fraud in the Philippines.

"One of the complainants lost $625,000 to the suspects," ABS-CBN News of the Philippines said.

"The suspects went into hiding after a manhunt was launched against them. Interpol also placed them in its wanted list."

International Web

ABS-CBN News quoted Ric Diaz, regional director for criminal intelligence at the National Bureau of Investigation as saying that GoldQuest International, were able to victimize people across Asia adding that the suspects had offices in the region's financial districts.

Interpol also lists Georg Kurt Rocco Rinck as a wanted man, who activists say is the brains behind Goldquest's binary compensation plans.

However in the past Goldquest operatives had somehow managed to get loose whenever they were arrested.

Though Sri Lanka brought an anti-pyramid law to combat Goldquest and even arrested 7 of its upliners, the unit that investigated Goldquest was later disbanded amidst much controversy.

Fitzpatrick says MLM scams "corrupt local officials by offering them a position 'at the top' to gain entry into a chain."

But this week Sri Lanka's Sunday Times said the central bank has resumed investigations into Goldquest, though no mention was made of the progress of the case against operatives caught earlier.

Goldquest has also been channelling money in to Sri Lanka's equity markets without any official action against them so far, though investee firms, especially banks like NDB, have waged a lone battle with whatever means at their disposal to block Quest International (QI group) related purchases.

Sri Lanka now has anti-money laundering legislation in place.

Meanwhile reports said a team of ten police officials were due to fly to Indonesia to bring back the arrested Goldquest leaders, but the company's lawyers were fighting extradition.

Finance company sealed, bank accounts frozen
By K. Manikandan

CHENNAI AUG. 21. With the arrest of Goldquest officials in Chennai, where the company's India headquarters is located, police claimed to have exposed yet another alleged money circulation racket. Over 50 members have filed complaints stating that the company owed around Rs 12 lakhs to them.

The arrested persons include Pushpam, a Malaysian citizen of Indian origin and company managing director, Joseph Augustine, accounts executive, and Pushpendra Kumar Shukla, public relations officer.

They were produced before Arul Raj, additional chief metropolitan magistrate at Egmore, who remanded them to judicial custody till August 27, according to an Inspector of the Central Crime Branch investigating the case.

The company office, located on the ninth floor of the Rain Tree complex on McNichols Road in Chetpet was `sealed' and its bank accounts frozen.

The CCB sources said cases were registered in April this year and investigations began following a complaint from an advocate, Chandrasekhar. He said he paid Rs 16,800 for purchasing a gold coin described as a collector's item by the company. According to him, he was informed that the coin would be handed over to him only if he introduced 10 more people to the company. As he was unable to bring 10 people into the network, the coin was not handed over nor was the cash returned to him.

The Inspector said though they received complaints from more than 50 people, they acted on the one lodged by Chandrashekar and added that complaints from the rest would also be amalgamated.

The complainants alleged that they paid sums ranging between Rs 16,800 and Rs 43,000, but neither did they receive the gold coin nor the cash return to them. The CCB personnel claimed that the arrests exposed a scam to the tune of around Rs 12 lakhs. They said a search was on for Vijay Eswaran and Jeevan Muktanandam who were reported to be in Malaysia.

According to S.S. Krishnamurthy, Deputy Commissioner of Police, CCB, cases had been registered against the company officials under provisions of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Scheme (Banning) Act and section 420 of the IPC.

Though no spokesperson of the company was available for comment, some members, like K.Viswambharan of Natural Health Foundation who gathered near the CCB office, said the company did not insist on any one to be part of the network. "The customers can either make a part payment for the coin and pay the balance while collecting it, or participate in the network. This is the practice the world over, not in India alone", he pointed out.

The coins are minted at the Myers Mint in Germany and imported by the State Trading Corporation, he said and added there was no question of any financial irregularity at any level.


Ponzi scheme victimizes thousands in Turkey

Friday, May 28, 2010
ISTANBUL - Daily News with wires

The Turkey branch of an international Ponzi scheme that collected millions of dollars from thousands of people has collapsed after police raids against the company., which defines itself as an “international direct selling brand that utilizes network marketing combined with e-commerce,” victimized nearly 20,000 people in Turkey, according to government officials. The company, which is headquartered in Hong Kong, has been banned in many countries.

The scheme operates like an investment chain. People begin to invest an amount of money to be a part of the chain and then find new people to invest. The invested money is distributed between members while a big chunk of it flows up to the top of the pyramid.

The system, which recruits members with the promise of becoming rich, has been banned in many countries including the United States, Iran, Albania, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia and Afghanistan.

The Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade has launched an extensive study on the issue, and nearly 60 members of the system have been taken into custody.

No official representation

The company does not have an office in Turkey. Nevertheless, it recruits members in home offices located in Istanbul districts, such as Bahçelievler, Kadıköy, Esenler, Zeytinburnu and Güngören.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has filed a criminal complaint, alleging aggravated fraud, against executives. The company has victimized nearly 20,000 people, taking millions of liras from them, said Minister Nihat Ergün, speaking to Anatolia news agency on Thursday. “The company has collected a great amount of money, varying between $570 and $2,500 from those people. Nearly more than 20 million liras have been raised,” Ergün said.

Turkey met with the Ponzi scheme in September 1997 with the “Titan” company. Hakan Kenan Şeranoğlu, who was previously a hairdresser in Germany, and his friend Vahit Gülal had established the scheme in Turkey’s western city of İzmir, collecting a total of 8.6 million liras from nearly 30,000 people. The founders and top executives of the system faced lengthy prison terms in 1998.
Negara-negara di mana ada laporan jenayah perniagaan (skim piramid dan penipuan) telah berlaku yang melibatkan QuestNet/QNet/Goldquest sejak 1998: 
Filipina, Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Turki, Kenya, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Emiriyyah Arab Bersatu, Syria, Indonesia, Canada, Amerika Syarikat, Azerbaijan, Iran, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Mesir, dll.
Yang lain-lain aku dah lupa, banyak bebenor yeop. Scammers kepundekan mangkok-hayon punya manusia neh... always aiming for the poor and the uneducated. Sekarang meleis Malaya punya giliran eh?

בתחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה
For by wise guidance you can wage your war

P/S: Ada satu negara kelibat QuestNet/QNet/GoldQuest tak nampak batang idung - ISRAEL. Why? Tak berani scammers QNet daripada Hong Kong masuk Israel... Vijay Eswaran sure tak nak agen MOSSAD naik flight ke Hong Kong, ketuk pintu mahligai dia... kasi cabut kuku mamat tu satu persatu, kasi sula bontotnya dengan batang penyapu yang tumpul, kasi siat kulit daripada perut boncitnya, ketuk kepala hotaknya dengan hammer, cungkil bijik matanya dengan pensil, sebelum assassin MOSSAD tu gantung si debab tu kat penis/testis dengan tali rapia, ke siling...  and then finally blow his head off with a fucking Uzi. CEO QNet memang smart maaa! Parasite... but very smart. You all know that by now... dontcha?
Sementara itu, di Malaysia?

TV1 pun nak contribute kasi gah ini scam. 
RTM must be sooooo proud huh?
Aiyooyooo thambi dey!

 Gorilla meleis kat stesen minyak
Meleis... Meleis... kejadahnya wei?
Tertinggal bas dah jauh bebenor ni yeop...

Mayer? Yahudi tu beb... bloody shit! You know what? Seeloknya setiap sekor penganut QNet meleis hindu tu semua patut disula bontot masing-masing dengan batang kayu besar tiang letrik... you know, macam agen MOSSAD gitu. Pastu pamerkan barua tu semua kat tepi highway PLUS. Kasi pueh hati sket erk?

Oh ya, btw...
Korang ingat lagik gorilla Cadbury kat atas tadi? Gorilla tu borak punya... tapi kalau gorilla ori kat dalam hutan, aku pasti gorilla punya IQ dan maruah diri lagi tinggi daripada Ustaz Asshole sekor neh... dan fakta tu merangkumi jugak ustaz-ustaz palepundek yang lain-lain yang buat scam QNet neh... species meleis scammers yang sama waktu dengannya. Fucking dumbasses A-hole penganut agama wang-ringgit! Hopeless punya mala'un meleis satu sen tarak guna. Meleis hindu generasi di Malaya masa kini... Yabedabedoo! Calon terjun gaung sekor-sekor. Duit punya pasal... agama flush kat jamban tanpa segan-silu. Fuck man! Scammers pengelentong mangkok-hayon al-munafiqun... apa nak dikenang beb?

One of the best drummer there was... he's retired now.


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Ni nak jadi mcm Dr Hafiz gak ke. Bukan ada kesan ape pun.

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seriously..? nak teruskan saman..?

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"Qwest Qwest Qwest Woo woo woo!

Qwest Qwest Qwest Woo woo woo!

Qwest Qwest Qwest Woo woo woo!


Just look, there are more than 1 pendant, all for different religions. Yes, using religion to sell. This is the Cult Marketing strategy!

I am not surprised if you have Star of David or the Atheist's fish logo. And 'Hoo Allah'? I think it's more of Qadiani cult dzikr ("Ya Hoo, Ya Hoo...")

lol, Malaysia is stupider than Rwanda, Turkey, Iran and what have you. India smarted up.

lol azkramm, thank you for killing your own company. Your upline is going to be sooo happy

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There will be no "star of David" pendant brother...
Like I said, remember MOSSAD?

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please explore more news,
semakin menarik nampkanya ni..

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azkramm.. manpak macam goyang je comment ko kali ni.....

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aidid blog ni bagus sebenarnya,
dia boleh jadi business killer macam dia bongkar kes ac mizal tu..

respek ah..

so kita sama-sama tengok boleh ker dengan pendedahan aidid pasal QNET, adakah biz QNET akan musnah selepas ini?

jom sama-sama tgk..

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Yes mangkok-hayon QNet DumbAssKram...
research aku setakat neh, aku dah jumpa laporan akhbar tentang skim piramid QNet di negara-negara berikut:
Filipina, Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Turki, Kenya, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Emiriyyah Arab Bersatu, Syria, Indonesia, Canada, Amerika Syarikat, Azerbaijan, Iran, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Mesir... lain2 nanti aku update lagik. Okeh?

Best ke dol... you know, tertinggal bas macam pundek?

azkramm said...

Qi Tanda Kemasukan Ke Malaysia Dengan Ibu Pejabat PJ Dan Pengambilalihan Strategik
Oleh Mikhail Raj Abdullah

PETALING JAYA, 12 Ogos 2010 (Bernama) - Qi Group, satu syarikat e-niaga global yang berpangkalan di Hong Kong, yang diketuai oleh usahawan Datuk Vijay Eswaran, kini sedang menimbangkan untuk mengambil alih hartanah strategik di Malaysia di dalam bidang liburan, hospitaliti dan industri berkaitan kesihatan, yang termasuk menubuhkan hospital pakar termampu, yang dilihat sebagai "sireh pulang ke gagang" jutawan itu.
Ini, beserta pembelian bangunan bernilai RM60 juta oleh kumpulan itu di Seksyen 8 di sini sebagai ibu pejabat serantaunya dan perancangan meninggi gunung bagi pembinaan pusat peranginan Endau-Rompin, menandakan komitmennya dan kemasukannya ke Malaysia secara besar-besaran.
Ibu pejabat serantau di sini itu akan menyatukan operasinya di Indonesia, Singapura, Thailand dan Filipina, katanya kepada Bernama di sini. Vijay, yang muncul di kalangan tokoh kewangan Hong Kong sejak sedekad yang lepas, berkata sebagai konglomerat yang mempunyai jangkauan global, kumpulan itu akan terus mencari hartanah terbaik di Thailand, Mauritius, Maldives dan Kenya selain Malaysia bagi mengembangkan perniagaan liburan dan hospitalitinya.
Sungguhpun begitu, fokus semasanya ialah untuk berpindah ke Malaysia secara besar-besaran dan membina rekod prestasi dengan institusi kewangan."Kami boleh membeli bangunan ibu pejabat itu secara sendirian dari dana sendiri. Tetapi, kami mendapatkan pembiayaan 60 peratus bagi membina kredibiliti kewangan dan nama baik di negara ini," katanya.
Qi Group, yang bermula sebagai syarikat e-niaga pada 1998, kini berkembang sebagai satu konglomerat pelbagai negara dengan enam perniagaan utama -- telekomunikasi, gaya hidup dan liburan, barang mewah dan benda-benda yang boleh dikumpul, latihan dan pengurusan persidangan, pembangunan hartanah dan perniagaan jualan langsung dengan anak syarikat di 30 negara.
Vijay berkata kehadiran berterusan dan dipertingkatkan oleh kumpulan itu di Malaysia juga disokong oleh kepercayaan terhadap potensi ekonomi negara ini dan keperluan untuk membina keperibadian tempatannya sendiri.
Usaha sama besar Qi yang sedang dilaksanakan di Malaysia ialah projek pusat peranginan Endau-Rompin di Pahang yang meliputi kawasan 200 ekar (kira-kira 80 hektar) pada kos pembangunan US$250 juta.
Perancangan dilakukan untuk melaksanakan rancangan jangka panjang yang akan menyediakan satu marina, pembangunan bercampur-campur, villa, satu hotel butik serta pusat budaya dan warisan apabila ia beroperasi di dalam tempoh lima tahun akan datang, katanya. Kawasan itu dibeli pada harga awal US$28.1 juta (RM70 juta).
Kumpulan itu juga akan menubuhkan lima hospital pakar swasta di dalam tempoh tiga tahun dengan pelaburan RM18-RM20 juta setiap satu dengan menyediakan perkhidmatan perubatan termampu di dalam pelbagai bidang seperti pembedaan, dermatologi, operasi kecemasan dan klinik am.
Salah satu hospital berkenaan akan dibina di luar kawasan bandar seperti Banting di mana tanahnya telah diperolehi. Hospital empat tingkat itu, dengan 40-60 katil itu, dijangka beroperasi sepenuhnya dalam tempoh dua tahun. Kawasan berpotensi yang lain termasuk Kluang dan Kuantan.

azkramm said...

Katanya: "Kami berharap hospital termampu itu dapat menarik pelancong perubatan ke Malaysia yang merupakan satu insentif untuk menarik pelancong kerana Malaysia menawarkan jauh lebih murah dari Singapura. Ia sesuai dengan strategi pelancongan kita."
Vijay berkata syarikat itu juga sedang bekerjasama dengan kerajaan negeri Pahang untuk membina Pekan Istana, iaitu satu istana klasik, yang dibina tanpa menggunakan sebatang pakupun atau penggunaan simen dan terletak di kawasan istana.
"Malaysia tidak menggunakan budaya dan warisan seperti yang digunakan seperti di Bali dan Thailand (dan) lebih-lebih lagi budaya di Pahang, Terengganu dan Kelantan yang perbezaan ketara dengan yang di pantai barat," kata Vijay.
Vijay, yang berasal dari Terengganu, teruja untuk memperkenalkan budaya dan warisan negeri itu yang kaya dengan arkitektur Melayu pantai timur dan bukan setakat keindahan pantai dan lautannya.
Sebaik sahaja Pusat Peranginan Endau-Rompinnya beroperasi dalam tempoh lima tahun lagi, kumpulan itu juga merancang membangunkan tasik yang terkenal dengan lagendanya, bagi digandingkan dengan kawasan hutan warisan yang berusia 100 juta tahun Endau-Rompin.
"Kami akan memulihara paya bakau dan persekitaran hartanahnya dan mambina kabin menggunakan tiang bagi memulihara keseimbangan ekologi projek itu," katanya.
Mengenai pulangan daripada pelaburan itu, katanya ia akan memberikan pulangan yang menguntungkan kerana pusat peranginan itu sendiri akan dikunjungi oleh pasaran pelancongan khusus dari Vacation Clubnya yang mempunyai data pelanggan enam juta pelanggan di seluruh dunia.
Kumpulan yang sangat dipelbagaikan itu sememangnya telah membawa masuk pelancong ke Malaysia, Thailand, Bali dan Timur Tengah.
Bagi tujuan itu, kumpulan itu juga sedang mencari satu hotel bandar di Kuala Lumpur yang boleh menjadi tapak perhentian sebelum bertolak dan menikmati keindahan di Endau-Rompin dan Tasik Chini.
Kumpulan itu sedang berunding dengan dua hotel, "tetapi kami mungkin tidak akan mengambil alih kedua-duanya. satu terletak di Jalan Sultan Ismail di KL dan satu lagi PJ, berdekatan Amcorp Mall" yang menempatkan operasi semasa Qi.
"Kami juga sedang mengkaji hartanah di Mauritius, Kenya bagi safari, dan satu pulau di Maldives bagi menambah kepada pelan pembesaran kami," katanya.
Di pusat peranginan miliknya di pulau Koh Samui di Thailand, katanya kumpulan itu sedang membina hotel mewah kedua di sepanjang pantai Boh Put pulau itu.
Majlis pecah tanah pusat peranginan kedua di Koh Samui akan dilaksanakan pada bulan ini.
Vijay berkata kumpulan itu juga merancang mendapatkan hartanah di Sabah dan Sarawak, kemungkinan di pulau di luar pantai Sandakan serta di Balik Pulau, Pulau Pinang."
Katanya usaha mencari hartanah yang mempunyai lokasi yang baik tidak akan berhenti bagi keperluan syarikat itu, yang sememangnya mempunyai kebaikan dan keburukan.

Yang baiknya, beliau berkata pengambilalihan hartanahnya dilakukan menggunakan dana dalaman, yang sekaligus menimbulkan keburukan yang menyebabkan syarikat itu tidak dikenali oleh institusi kewangan.

azkramm said...

"Sebab itu kami kini menukar strategi untuk berunding dengan bank bagi mendapatkan pinjaman dan secara sewa beli berbanding dengan pelbelian terus," katanya.
"Ibu pejabat PJ berkenaan telah memberikan kami asas yang baik di segi nilai kredit kami," kata Vijay.
Para pekerja syarikat itu telah mulai berpindah ke ibu pejabat baharunya di PJ8 di sini. Pada peringkat awal, ia akan menempatkan operasi kewangan, pentadbiran, teknologi maklumat dan audit dan akan diikuti oleh fungsi luaran yang lain, seperti kerja grafik di Thailand, "copyrighting" (Filipina), pusat panggilan (yang dibahagi antara Filipina dan Malaysia), perundangan serta pengembaraan dan percutian (Singapura).
"Jabatan demi jabatan sedang disatukan kerana terlalu besar dan pekerja di sini kini lebih 400 orang berbanding dengan hanya 80 orang lima tahun lepas bagi menyokong operasi global kami," katanya, yang jelas mengesahkan Qi akan berada lama di Malaysia.

azkramm said...

QI Services Malaysia Appoints New Chairman
Jun 25, 2009
QI Services (M) Sdn Bhd, the Operational Head Quarters (OHQ) of the QI Group of Companies, appointed Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Khas, widely
considered, one of the foremost personalities on regulatory and corporate governance matters, as its Chairman on June 24, 2009. At an official
ceremony, Tan Sri Megat and Dato' Vijay Eswaran, the Executive Chairman of the QI Group officiated the appointment at the QI Services office in
Malaysia in the presence of the senior management of the company.
Tan Sri Megat is a lawyer by profession and till 1986 actively practised with his firm Megat Najmuddin, Leong & Co. Since then, he has held various
prominent positions such as, President of the Federation of Public Listed Companies Berhad and President of Malaysian Institute of Corporate
Governance. Currently, he holds the position of Independent Non-Executive Director in various public listed companies in Malaysia, and is also a
former senator of the Malaysian Parliament.
QI Services (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 5 August 2003 and was awarded the Operational Head Quarters (OHQ) status by the Malaysian
Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) on 31 July 2005. As the OHQ, it provides back-end operations services to the various companies within
the QI Group. The QI Group looks forward to its continued development with the stewardship of Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Khas in the development
of its new business ventures within Malaysia.

Flammenwerfer said...

Saya mesti akan join bila kumpulan Devo mula memasarkan kopiah sakti mereka.
Saya percaya mesti lebih hebat dari biodisc.

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Woi ASSKRAMM... what is your point dol?
You mean Malaysia is a scammer country? Is that it? Fuuuuuuuccckkk! We all know that by now... the blog is over a year old man. I've elaborated on that fact over and over and over again.... Malaysia is always a heaven for scam bzns and scammers like you meleis gorillas....

azwan said...

Still did not get the point mangkuk neh.

Qnet will collapse, due to market saturation. Qnet, not the conglomerate. Dumbasss. Nak highlight satu bapak company eswaran yg tak bersunat tu apahal.

Richard branson kalau nak buat MLM pun, why not? He is on top of the pyramid. Sucking blood from beginning till the end. But Virgin's MLM will collapse. not the whole company.

Tu aku cakap, si Azkramm ni bodohnye bertingkat2..

razif said...

ACK,Done.Qnet,beware!jangan lupa pakai tangkal tau adik.LOL

Mohd Jalizan Ibrahim said...

Aku nk jual satu teknology jauh lagi baik dari diaorg
Air ni klu minum, confirm syurga..
Cari 4 org dwnline, confirm kaya nak mmpos, sampai ke mati tak payah kerja..
Sapa nk join? Msti die hard Fan MLM teruja dgn tawaran aku

ska said...

cayalah Aidid.. ACK nye Bentley dh kene tarik eh? Tgk laa badigol Qnet ni plak cemaner..

ska said...

Mohd Jalizan Ibrahim said...

Org afrika tak brp ada beras nk mkn, tak brp nak ada air nak mandi pun dah sedar benda alah ni penipu
Kat malaysia ni, bnyak plak konon ustaz berkopiah ajaib, perut buncit disembunyi belakang jubah lagi tak reti nak sedar

9W2ORB said...

bila tengok video palepundek buh minyak tadi..ianya telah membuktikan palepundek pembeli bioldick memang retard dan iq lebih rendah dari gorilla

Anonymous said...

1.Jawapan pada azkramm ni boleh dibahagikan kepada dua noo!!
2.Pertama!kalau azkramm ni adalah azkramm bin abdullah ka contohnya!sepatutnya bagilah huraian yang jelas dan teliti sistem yang digunakan oleh Qnet ni!adakah menepati syariaat islam!adakah ia HALal!kalau Qnet juga merupakan mlm!dah sah-sah ianya HARAM!makan hasil HARAM menurut Islam!!tempatnnya kenerakala jawapnya!!kalau boleh terang dan sistem perniagaan yang dijalankan oleh Qnet!kalau HARAM!!duit berbillion pun!sapa pun tak heran!jadi bahan bakaq kat neraka jee!!
3.kalau azkramm ni adalah azkramm singhka!azkramm mutusamyka!!alahai dok cerita bangunan dan aset berjuta-juta Qnet!!kira KURANGLAH bhaii!!tokey judi macam goh tong pun punya aset berbillion!tu tak kira tokey judi di vegas!uS!berbillion aset depa!depa tak hingaq dah pukui canang macam hangpa pun!!
4.kita orang islam tak hairanlah wang berpuluh juta yang bersumberkan benda HARAM ni!kalau ada sekupang dua pun!kami dah bersyukur!asal duit HALAL!!

matsom said...

Though there is one group that seems able to stop Quest. When Zaman's friends came south to recruit in Kandahar, the Taliban left a letter on their door. It said: Get out, or we'll kill you. And the "businessmen" quickly retreated.
hahahah Taliban rulez!!!

@atikah comel, pegi belajo journalism ngan Greg Warner; hape ke bangang wat news report pakai ikut cerite dalam pamphlet nie cutie pie?

Conan said...

Tak cerdik langsung dok pusing2 kaca tu cam org tak cukup masak pun ada. Tn yg pusing tu tak risau ker petrol tu bertukar jd diesel...tak ke la kan ker tu kaca ajaib tu..besi pam yg tebal tu pun bleh ditembusi oleh pancaran aura kaca kelentong nih...udoh2 le nampak sgt buroknye.

akunetizen said...

Anonymous said...

azkram dah jauh menyeleweng dah tu..

kalau dia kerja jadi dealer di pusat perjudian genting pun..abis diputarnya kekayaan pengasas genting tu dan buat buat lupa hasil gaji yang dia makan drpd mana..

azwan said...

MLMers memang pesyen pemikiran dan perangainye gitu. Justifikasi tarak! Asal nampak million billion tan sri dato' seri pum pang pum pang, mule lah menggigil gelabah nak tepek2 masa nak recruit downline. Jauh melalut takde kaitan pun, mcm mak nenek...yg penting sedap disebut. Ilmu zero. Tu yg refer sijil2 cap ayam, minum pun jus cap ayam..aka monavie. otak tarak pikiaq. keh keh keh...

.:BBc Florist:. said...

ok.this thing has bothered me for quite some time now.please,anyone knows what's da song played by the gorilla??? i beg your mercy..

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight".

Anonymous said...

hahaha..nak buat camna azwan..janji org tu ada duit..ada "datuk" yang kita pun tak tau dia beli mana..nampak macam kaya sikit..suma ikut je punggung tak pikir lain dah..

kenapa tak tengok yang dia pindah segala hq suma ke malaysia tu sebab apa..sebab negara2 lain tak nak terima dia..? dan malaysia penuh korupsi dalam hal2 MLM ni so boleh hidup senang lenang tak takut kena kejar..?

otak dah rosak agaknya..banyak sgt minum air heksagon..salur2 darah ke otak dah koyak kena racik..

azkramm said...

minta aidid bongkar lagi..

.:BBc Florist:. said...

yeahh thanx bro aidid!
i peminat setia blog nih.
n to azkramm,kesian kt ko. ble melayu nk maju kalo ilmu dan iman x dak.

Nizam said...

teruskan perjuangan aidid!you'll never walk alone!

CikMingMing said...

azkramm --> ape ke peliknye kamu ni... macam keling ler.. CikMingMing confuse laa...

err... taipusam thn depan naik Batu cave da plan ke kamu nak cocok besi kat tang mana?

MAS said...

ntah pape mamat azkramm.. macam bergaduh dengan budak tadika...ish3x... tak seronok langsung... semacam je mamat nih...

Anonymous said...

to azkramm:biarkan si luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya..

Rose said...

Bestnye, AM nak kena saman lagi ke? Hahaha, siapa sangatla ustad tu. AC Mang, Doktot Hafiz and the gang, HPA...lagi pohwer dari ustad jual besi buruk. Hehehe...jangan lupa saman kami sekali yek? Suka tengok judge rambut putih pakai robe hitam.

uculer said...

saya mengharapkan ada syarikat MLM akan mencipta kopiah atau anak tudung sakti yg boleh membantu menambahkan kusyu' dalam solat. tak pun, pen membaca al-quran yang boleh betuklkan tajwid kalau salah baca. lain saya tak mau ye use-retard?

vw: batin. mcm tau-tau je permintaan kali ini utk mengubati penyakit batin

nurul said...

gdluck and all the best yah Uncle AssCramp!

blogtilldrop said...

good job...Qnet punya talibarut penah nak jerat aku...ingat apa!!! emas berapa gram rege 3 4ratus mau jual 2ribu lebih... terus kena basuh ngan aku.... tapi Melayu juga tu la yang jadi balaci

cek chun said...

matsom, atikah comei terus hilang kata-kata dek terpana dengan kehebatan kaca bulat lobang-lobang tu.

hafal je pamplet depan mata untuk stand upper.

serius bab gosok-gosok kaca kat pam minyak tu paling bangang. gitu rupanya yer yeob. aku dok imagine kena lalu minyak atas kaca. pastu balik rumah basuh rendam bagi sedara mara minum ayaq plak.


RiseTogether said...

minta aidid bongkar lagi..

(azkramm pinjam ayat ko,hahahahaha)

Siam Mari said...

QNet pun ada business Time Vacation....Time Sharing Vacation ni pun banyak yg pundek. They take yr money, but when you want to go for a holiday....tpt sentiasa tak available......

Elok lah tu Vijay Eswaran dah sapu duit satu dunia lepas tu nak bawak balik invest kat Malaysia....baguih. Ada pulak Melayu yg kelabu asap RM dan sanggup di pergunakan. Mcm ada satu MLM ni juai kopi power, towkay Cina tapi chairman ada satu kerabat royalty Negeri Sembilan....

Santo said...

ape yg susah sgt diorg nak paham ni? teknologi biodisc tu dh sah2 nak merapu...x kisah mcm mane halal sekalipun system marketing nye...tetap la salah...

hyelbaine said...

Azkramm, do u have any idea how a business works? Do u understand why a company decides to operate in one country and not another?

Stop making an arse of urself and go find yourself a cliff. I'm sure all that postive shit will help you through the next step.

Malik Ramli said...

gorilla tu memang cool

Metafora said...


kalu minyak jadi diesel ok kalu minyak tu jadi ape?? xke naya ke? hahahahaha

9W2ORB said...

aku dah sebarkan video sengal isi minyak tu kat member aku yang kerja stesen minyak..kalo nampak baghal2 buat camtu..aku suruh report polis ja..depa buat pemujaan haram depan pam minyak..

Fitrix said...


Yg video pusing2 jimat minyak tu mmg blh kasi letup perut.Harap ada sambungan pusing2 utk jimat air dan elektrik.Lagipun xkan blh jimat minyak je ye dok?

Kalau jumpa aksi pusing2 ni kat stesen minyak mau berguling2 gelak tgk kebebalan ni.Mohon dijauhkan la aksi pusing2 ni di stesen2 minyak utk mengelakkan perut dari terburai ketawa

Rojak Punya said...

dah terbukti banyak negara2 lain yang tolak qnet tapi macam biasa masih ada dungupiang mlm qnet nak pertahankan jugak siap nak report polis. apsal malaysia terima qnet siap kuar kat tv1? takkan rtm pun nak jadi dungupiang jugak?

Rojak Punya

Anonymous said...

tv1 memang selama nie dungu piang gak..hyprobully pun dia pernah promo tau..kira depa neh promo apa2 pun tanpa disiasat..asal masyuk sudah

Encik KangKung said...

Aku x terkata.. Betapa bodohnya dorang nie kena kelentong bulat2 mcm tu. Dulu gelang Ac pon sama, punyalah macam2, dh kantoi. Senyap pastu bila tanya, dorang ckp dorang pon tertipu gak. Hadoiiii...

Encik KangKung said...

Malaysia xnak ke buat satu group professional anti-scam yg dorang nie akan cuba dulu, atau buat ujian dan kajian terlebih dahulu sebelum produk2 baru tu smua lepas utk dipasarkan.? Macam SIRIM, JAKIM.

Terlalu banyak sgt produk merapu2 yg keluar skarang nie. Boleh sembuh nie la, sembuh tu la. Biler kita persoalkan, dorang kutuk kita balik. Hampeh la camtu. Paling sedih bila kwn2 rapat, sedara mara kita sendiri yg terpedaya sama. ;(

encik nazri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saya said...

Nak tanya lah ... orang yang kipas-susah-mati tahap tegar qnet nie mesti percaya pada CHAKRA ye tak. macam naruto ke.

sebab kalau refer kepada ( itu web qnet ori k, bukan kencingnye website ),

20. What are the other benefits besides the ones mentioned above? It has been shown by a prognos machine test that the bodys chakra and meridians become balanced. Ying and yang equalize simply by showering under the disc. These effects lead to increased perceivable energy levels. The body can absorb the energy water through the skin. One feels positive and energetic for most of the day after showering under the disc.

Bila check wikipedia chakra ialah : Chakra is a concept originating in Hindu texts, featured in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Its name derives from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "turning" (cakraṃ चक्रं [ˈtʃəkrə̃], pronounced [ˈtʃəkrə] in Hindi; Pali: cakka चक्क, Thai: จักระ, Tamil: சக்கரம், Kannada: ಚಕ್ರ, Chinese: 轮, Tibetan: འཁོར་ལོ་; khorlo).[1] .

kot ada ustat ustazah DEVO nak jawab ke?

terima kasih.

Saya said...

Last bedtime stories of dis qnet..
refer same document ah:
18. How does the Amezcua Bio Disc change the taste of food and drinks in the refrigerator?
The bodys own molecular structure (DNA) can link with the energized food and liquids biotechnology molecular structure via the taste bud sensors. Instead of tasting the free radicals and every part of the liquid, the taste buds selects what they like.

Ulangkaji hari ini apa itu DNA :

Apa yang aku paham dari ulangkaji itu ialah .. boleh kah DNA link dengan energized food bla bla bla. macam gila ah mustahil.

NoName said...

asskram: abang meh le try biodisk nie, banyak manfaatnya.. boleh bagi purify air, boleh save petrol, boleh recharge chakra untuk next time nak lawan sasuke.. saya bagi sekali pendant hoo allah nie, boleh bagi kuat iman dan nampak stylo macam negro rappers yang dressing rantai emas 5 cent nak pi clubbing tu..

aku: .... (silence, then wears my gorilla suit and start slamming the drums...)

dum dum dam.. dum dum dam..

pcbahar said...

Bodoh tak boleh diajor...
Malu aku bangsa Melayu...

Anonymous said...

Derang ni memang takder kemaluan betol.

Rozy said...

biodisk menjimatkan minyak? ha.. ha... kalau betol la, baik RnD Petronas dah catch point ni awal2. ntah2 mamat tu gi pusing2 biodisk sambil **** bini dia, konon nak tambah power. hilarious betol... gorila pun tak buat mcm tu...

@kU hI$h@m said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lukman a.k.a egold2u/CariDinar said...

x abis2 diorg ni...haramJ btoiii...
mls nk lyn...

jom lyn cter ni lg bgs...
scam the scammers...
Episod ni cter psl scammer baik ni scam pyramid scheme scammer...

jom layan...

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Pak Ngah Awang said...

Weh babi Scammer Anak Didiek Paria Dowg.

Kalo nak berniaga nak menipu org jgn la letak agama dihadapan..memalukan ummah jer..nabi dlu pon amik untung sekadar cukup ja masa berniaga di Syam dlu ustaz aku kat skolah dulu dia cakap lebih kurang 20-30% dr harga asal tetap Khadijah (business owner) untung je x rugi pon..malah jatuh cinta dekat rasulullah lagi

Ini lu ente2 tahi hunta ikut babi paria malaun jual sampai >300% kejadahnya??

Weh scammer ini nasihat dari ana yang agama nya x berapa cerdik tp bleh berpikir

Bek lu orang pergi beli nombor ekor kalo kena lagi kaya dari jadi penipu..and last but not least org yang men ekor lagi bagus dr korang sbb dia berdosa dengan Allah sahaja so bila dia insap o nak taubat dia cuma perlu minta maaf dr Allah ja..Tp lu org scammer babi haramjadah da berdosa dengan semua org yg lu orang tipu...kena dorg x maafkn dan x halalkn apa yg kamu ambil dr dia...mampos la ang kt dalam kubur nanti...

so ustaz anak didik hindu bebal pikir la da berapa ramai org ente2 semua tipu...masih adakah esok ntuk ente2 minta maaf sama dorg???

apistempur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
apistempur said...

Setelah memusingkan musingkan biodisk ke atas air mani saya, saya dapati ...dibawah mikroskop sperma saya bukan sahaja berenang dengan lebih laju...malah semuanya ber'tenega' sehingga berpusing pusing macam torpedo...

saya yakin jika saya pusing pusingkan biodisk di skrotum saya sebelum bersetubuh dengan isteri saya, pasti kurang kurang dapat anak kembar 4, dan semua anak yang lahir boleh terus merangkak...

terima kasih questnet atas produk yang sungguh istimewa ini.... terima kasih azkramm kerana terus mempertahankan questnet dan produk yang 'bagus' ni...

Saya said...

"Antara subjek terhebat dan teragung yang dikaji beliau sebagai asas untuk menghasilkan BIODISC termasuklah air zam-zam, air yang paling mulia sekali di dunia ini dan menurut Al-Quran, air zam-zam adalah penawar kepada segala jenis penyakit. Menurut Dr.Ian Lyon pula, air zam-zam mengandungi 26 jenis mineral yang dapat membantu merawat pelbagai jenis penyakit. 13 daripada 26 jenis mineral ini telah ditanam melalui teknik pelakuran kedalam kaca biodisc untuk menghasilkan medan tenaga yang positif. "

Sumber :

Kaca biodisc dibuat disini :

air zam zam meh? teringat pulak pada ex permata hijrah tu. lupa plak nama dia.

Saya said...

just to share :

good nite all..

Ultra Gorgon said...

He..He..He.. AssKramm!! Kebangangan Kamu Melampau Sesangat!!

dinsman said...

Ko mmg poyo. Tak habes habes comment sila bongkar sila bongkar sila bongkar sila bongkar sila bongkar sila bongkar sila bongkar sila bongkar. Dah takde modal ke weyh paria?

Siam Mari said...

kata company ni yg buat bio disc. But sorry, aku tak jumpa pun track record yg mengatakan company ni yg buat bio disc???

Tolong bagi pencerahan sikit.....

JEEN said...

Muahahaha... nak terguling gelak... hapa hapa tah...

Kalau berterusan gini la ustaz boleh jual rantai loket tu, siap nak dekatkan diri dengan Allah gitu... huhuhu... dah macam agama lain dah...

Hmmm... abis la ustaz... berapa ramai yang betul betul ustaz nih ?

RiseTogether said...

ngaji jauh2 sampai mesir, last2 masuk mlm..dah tu jual benda merapu, abis di jual cita bioldisc tu bole menyembuhkan, menguatkan, menjimatkan itu ini..x cukup bioldisc, package skali jual pendant Allah swt ngan pendant tuhan hindu skali...ustaz...MASIH TAK SEDAR2 LG PA YANG KORANG WAT NI? bila ada orang dedahkan kemungkaran mereka, taknak dengar siap di kata hasad dengki, siap repot polis lg..padahal orang tu nak memperbetulkan mereka...betul2 akhir zaman da...macam takda yang mustahil da skang ni...kalau orang macam si redzuan devo(devo? sah2 korang dah d kontrol minda leh c vijayeswaran,$$$$$$$$$$$) tu masuk raja lawak n wat lawak bodo sambil teloncat2 tekangkang2 ngalahkan beruk, sumpah aku tak heran da..

p/s ustaz, jom arh jamming satu dua lagu slipknot, sepultura, trivium etc lu vokal n gitar, gua bass,amcm? lg best dari wat mlm.

Saya said...

salam siam mari,

info pasal kaca tu dibuat dari kilang schott tu dapat dari sini .

hasil dari penelitian, company tu memang keluarkan barang berunsurkan kaca. tapi mungkin tak listkan biodisc sebagai produk dorang sebab biodisc ni org lain yang suh depa buat.

so maksudnya disini, omputeh yang Ikram tu kata kaji pasal air zam zam tu reka kaca tu, then kerjasama dgn tokey QNET tu untuk pasarkan.

Agama ian lyons nie tak tau la pulak agama apa. Tapi kalau ustat, ustazah dan hadirin sekalian perasan pendant tu ada ada Islam, Hindu, Christian dan segitiga. segitiga nie kalu nak huraikan panjang. Munkin mistik, real, Allahualam lah.

Kalau ustad dan ustazah tak kesah, teruskan la qnet nie. biar pendant2 tersebut bercampur gaul dalam kotak.

and since when org Islam bole pakai rantai berlogo Allah nie? cuba kupas sikit wahai Ustat dan Ustazah sekalian.

Belajar tinggi tinggi, sampai mesir sana. balik tanah air for sure org kampung panggil ustaz atau uztazah. tapi memalukan betul, benda simple crap macam nie pun susah nak hadam. frust gila ngan korang nieh.

lokokoko said...

dah chow da budak Asscramp tu?

Alahai Asscramp sian ko

Saya said...

pembetulan : pendant tu bukan Ian lyons yang buat. ian hanya 'reka' kaca skeping tu ja. kaca ajaib. ahaks.

TheBentPencil said...

saya tertarik kepada pendant bertulisan nama Allah, jadi saya mencari sampai ke forum.

rasanya Nabi Muhammad SAW pernah mempunyai cincin yang bertulis nama Muhammad RasulAllah. Tapi ingat--cincin ni bertujuan untuk buat cop mohor semasa menulis surat rasmi kepada pemerintah negara lain. Dan, dia tidak akan membawanya semasa mengqada hajat (ditanggalkan dan disimpan di luar)

jadi soalnya bolehkah dipakai?

1) kalau nak dipakai jangan dibawa ke tempat-tempat yang kotorlah
2) jangan pula fikir yang "pendant" tu boleh mendekatkan diri kita kepada Allah. macam pendant tu ada kuasa pulak. kalau konon2 ada kuasa chi tu dah macam nak mensyirikan Allah je tu.


p.s. yg lain...well, Qnet dah terang2 MLM. no points pointing out the obvious haram lulz.

nurul said...

'i'll live in the heart of every mlmers for my nt-so-brilliant-but-merely-a-series-of-effing-lame-jokes i've made'-uncle AssCremeCramp-

ixora said...

kadang2 aku tertanya2 kenapa org melayu ni senang sgt kena tipu?genetik ke??

kalau datang sorng mamat mengaku alim,pakai kopiah,hafal barang sebaris dua ayat Quaran dan hadis---terus dipanggil ustaz dan percaya bulat2 apa yg dicakapnya...tak berani langsung nak bangkang...

sampai bila kaum melayu ni kena nak kena tipu senang2?sampai bila2 kah?

ixora said...

aku perasan jugak org melayu lepas kena tipu ngan penyangak or duit ribu2 labur MLM hangus begitu saja, bukan nak ambil tindakan apa2...ada sekerat dua yg report polis or bdn2 tertentu..tapi selebihnya buat diam je.kalau ditanya bagi alasan:

(1) takpelah...dah bukan rezeki..dah takdir dari Allah...

(2) takpelah ni dugaan n ujian Allah...ada hikmahnya...

dah kena tipu pandai plak bagi alasan dugaan dari Allah.alasan mcm ni seperti menyalahkan Allah atas kerugian yg berlaku seperti Allah sengaja mahu menguji dia walhal hati dah tamak nak kaya cepat n taknak guna otak..akal pendek..

tapi aku rasa orang yg dah kena tipu beri alasan mcm ni coz diorang malu kena tipu bulat2 n taknak mengaku diri sendiri bodoh coz percaya ngan janji2 manis malaun2 MLM nih...

Anonymous said...

QuestNet jual rantai Hoo Allah Diamond Pendant yang diperbuat daripada emas untuk dipakai oleh orang Islam.Mereka jahil tentang Islam kerana lelaki Islam tidak boleh memakai perhiasan emas.Kalau perempuan Islam nak pakai pun takut..macam sami Hindu.

petua said...

salam semua,

cuba cek :

tajuk video dia :Kehebatan Sebenar Biodisc Original QNET dari pandangan ISLAM - bahagian 01

azkramm said...


Assalammualaikum w.b.t

After God created the heavens and the earth, God created other beings is that of 120.000 all types, including humans. Among the privileges and human dignity than the other creatures created by God is a man blessed with common sense.

To understand and learn BIODISC how it works scientifically, one must have a high background of physics. In terms of scientific, BIODISC closely related to the field of Quantum Physics, which is one of the highest level of physics studies it was understood by humans.

Indeed our responsibilities as an owner is using it as BIODISC endeavors and efforts to treat disease. We are able to help many of our contacts are in pain out there .. God willing.

It should be noted, the most important thing is just a tool or asbab BIODISC to treat disease. Not one thing in this world that can be moved except by His leave. Then deliver over to the healing power of God.

Aidid Mu'addib said...

Aiyooyoo scammer hindu dey....
Drpd cuba scam org dgn physics yg tak wujud, baik ko belajar proper English. Karangan kepundek yg ko kopipes ni Henggelish Wadefak namanya ni samdol dol.... duh!

azwan said...


Lain kali guna je taik babi jadi asbab musabab ko.